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Re: Turn around time with kellyco - NOT THIER FAULT
Posted by: Ytcoinshooter
Date: August 07, 2017 04:44PM
dewcon4414 nailed it! Just one tech repairing for Minelab in North America!

On July 31 we drove almost 3 hours in tropical storm Emily from Tarpon Springs to Winter Springs to drop off my Excal for repair. My wife hated the drive in the downpours but she knows how important my detecting is to me. I figured since we were headed back north later in the week I'd save shipping and another week without it. I got to meet Marty the tech who is doing all the Minelab repairs for North America. That's one man doing ALL this work. He's a real good guy and great to talk to and totally honest about the situation. Ya gotta be patient and it is not the fault of Kellyco! Meanwhile if you get a chance to visit the Kellyco showroom spend a few minutes talking to the staff, they are avid detectorists. Chris at the front desk is as nuts as any of us who love detecting.

We were in Florida the last couple of weeks fixing up our winter home. My Excalibur 2 showed instability on my first water hunt there, blaring and not settling to a threshold while the coil was submerged in the Gulf. Fine out of the water from all I could test but just nuts in the salt water. I suspected the sensitivity pot may have gone bad. I usually hunt in auto tune at zero disc. Experimenting with the settings I found it was almost useable if I turned up the disc to 7, it still hit on my wedding band. I tried it three different days / hunts and took it off the shaft to prep for the repair work. I take great care of my water units and it was fine in the Atlantic (Cape Cod) a couple weeks prior. I'm sporting the knob guard and Dave's pinpoint mod as well as GGA's on my head, the rig rides on an Anderson CF shaft if I'm not flying somewhere to hunt. I really love this unit. The seals and o-rings, coil and battery had been changed out when I had the mods done a couple to 3 years ago. I'd need to check my paperwork but am still away from home, currently in Staunton Va. red clay...arrgh. Since we had a full SUV I only brought the one detector (I never do that) so I've been messing with our granddaughter's Ace 350 in Va. for fun.
I hope my little story here clarifies why the turn around time is so long....6 to 8 weeks I was told.
HH - Bruce


Turn around time with kellyco

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