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Yep, I know Beau--dug with him a couple of times on some organized hunts.
Posted by: Greg (E.Tn)
Date: August 28, 2017 03:21PM
I know there are a couple of rafting sites on the Pigeon, Nantahala, in Cherokee, NC, Townsend, the Hiawassee down near Cleveland, and the Ocoee.

I've never detected the Ocoee, though as I mentioned a friend of mine has lost two wedding bands at the same place on the Ocoee, and officials artificially manipulate the river water levels so that there are times it's running at a mere trickle.

I agree snorkelers and/or scuba divers with masks can eyeball a lot of stuff, but I have to believe they miss a lot more than they find, unless they are in the same hole, every day--especially where rings and coins are concerned. Once a ring hits the bottom it will start working its way down to the hardpan, unless it hits a rock or gets wedged in a crevice or something.


Excal questions.

Greg (E.Tn)517August 24, 2017 12:32PM

Re: Excal questions.

pasttom190August 30, 2017 02:26PM

Thanks PasttomN/T

Greg (E.Tn)178August 30, 2017 10:46PM

Re: Excal questions.

dewcon4414220August 27, 2017 05:57AM

Thanks Dew.N/T

Greg (E.Tn)205August 27, 2017 04:24PM

Re: Excal questions.

dewcon4414219August 26, 2017 05:34AM


Greg (E.Tn)243August 26, 2017 10:58PM

Re: Excal questions. Jpeg Attachments

ROBOCOP237August 26, 2017 05:28AM

Wow. That's a lot of coils. Thanks ROBOCOP

Greg (E.Tn)218August 26, 2017 10:40PM

Re: Wow. That's a lot of coils. Thanks ROBOCOP

Champ Ferguson195August 28, 2017 09:57AM

Yep, I know Beau--dug with him a couple of times on some organized hunts.

Greg (E.Tn)195August 28, 2017 03:21PM

Re: Excal questions.

dewcon4414214August 25, 2017 05:52AM

I really don't know what I need, except maintenance, and checking the knob settings.

Greg (E.Tn)215August 25, 2017 10:19PM

Re: Excal questions.

ROBOCOP205August 24, 2017 03:33PM

Maryville--'bout 40 miles from Newport.N/T

Greg (E.Tn)208August 25, 2017 10:12PM

Re: Maryville--'bout 40 miles from Newport.

Champ Ferguson194August 26, 2017 09:17AM

Re: Maryville--'bout 40 miles from Newport.

Greg (E.Tn)206August 26, 2017 10:48PM

Re: Excal questions.

Champ Ferguson183August 24, 2017 02:12PM

Next question, Champ--what coils are available for the Excal?

Greg (E.Tn)215August 25, 2017 10:14PM

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