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MLs new machine
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: September 21, 2017 06:14AM
With the introduction of the new ML machine...... how many can see the Xcal going away as a wader/beach machine? We asked for a lot of changes to an up graded Xcal, that few of us use for diving. Well this could well be it. There isnt a lot of difference between whats being found with the CTX....which has its issues, and the Xcal out there. If the new machine gives the same depth out there with any performance increase for small gold then we have a machine that would keep more CTXs out of the water and put the Xcal back as a dive machine since this machine is cheaper and wont require mods. THEN we have the big plus for dry sand hunting without bringing another machine or having to choose which we are going to hunt that day........ dry or wet/water. Single freq is something neither the CTX or Xcal can do and the higher freq offers a real interesting option. This machine WONT replace the CTX as a dirt option....... just to many good things about the CTX there. Simple and light everything hinges on performance now. Id also think this would really cut down on MLs warranty repairs to the CTX and Xcal if its as sealed as it appears. Adding the ability to hunt in several freq and multi..... PLUS a TID screen makes this worth looking at to me. Now how long will the battery last..... and what kind of hookup are they using for the headphones....... id guess they will stay with the yellows, but wouldnt it be nice to UPGRADE those at the same time.


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MLs new machine

dewcon4414565September 21, 2017 06:14AM

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