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Re: Request help on pricing
Posted by: surfman
Date: October 25, 2017 08:09PM
Not sure on the Sovereign. On the Excal, if it’s on the stock shaft, clean and in good working condition. I’d say $650-$750. A little more if you have extras like a straight shaft.

Been in the detecting hobby for around 17 years. Currently using; Minelab CTX3030 w/stock and 6" coils. For beach and water I have two Minelab Excaliburs. An Excal II, 10"on an Anderson Carbon Fiber over and under and a Blue 1000 with a 12x10sef on a green Anderson over and under. Both with remote PP and modified headphones.

Oldest Copper; 1694 King William&Mary

Oldest Silver; 1792 Half Reale

Gold Coin; 1852 $1.00 (Found with ATPro)

YouTube Channel; surfman1968


Request help on pricing

tozz51379October 25, 2017 12:55PM

Re: Request help on pricing

dewcon4414183October 26, 2017 02:35PM

Re: Request help on pricing...Thank you

tozz51166October 26, 2017 06:44PM

Re: Request help on pricing

surfman154October 25, 2017 08:09PM

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