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New Gray Ghost Amphibians Mod for the Minelabs Excalibur
Posted by: OldBeechnut
Date: July 28, 2013 06:22PM
There are several Thousand Minelab Excaliburs in use today, One of the biggest complains. They need a better set of Headphones.

Very easy mod you can do yourself, a big improvement over the stock yellows and the Original GGUW's, which many have complained about over the years. You need any help just PM me. The good is you can pull the stock yellow koss off if you have a Old machine or a brand new Excalibur II. Just save the Koss Yellows if you need to send the machine in just reinstall them, then send the machine to minelabs. Minelabs will not work on any machine that is not 100% stock, AND that is the headphones, pod, and the coil.

Little side note for the Excalibur II owners, when pulling the endcap make sure you cut the yellow to copper ground wire on the white or black shrink wrap, then you can connect and re shrink wrap if needed. Also put a small dab of silicon or epoxy on the yellow ground wire end to seal it so not to short anything out if you slip the yellow wire back into the pod. Just a safety precaution. Good Luck and you will be amazed how well these work, And they can be purchased from Extreme Detecting or Detector Pro.

Finished this video, now I want to get out and do some treasure hunting.............Good Luck to all..joe


Re: New Gray Ghost Amphibians Mod for the Minelabs Excalibur
Posted by: greenmeanie
Date: January 17, 2014 05:56PM
Can your pin point mod work with this setup? or is there not enough room?

NOX 800

Re: New Gray Ghost Amphibians Mod for the Minelabs Excalibur
Posted by: timmysys
Date: July 13, 2017 12:12AM
I bought an used GG Amphibian headphones. I want to do pair with my Excalibur. I looking aftermarket endcap for this headphone, with connector or plain endcap. (i drilled my original for pinpoint mod)
I know OBN produce these endcaps at winter. That is still far away.
Anybody help me where to buy this stuff? I look around to see if there is someone selling it.
Please send PM to me.

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