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Looking for info. on Battery Mod. for "OL TEK" 9000
Posted by: silverseeker 2
Date: August 19, 2016 09:36AM
I picked this nice unit up CHEAP and she works like Jack the Bear. Always heard these
LED screens went bad. I got real lucky! Anyway, looking to do away with the clips that
always go south after awhile. If anyone out there has a good mod. and details on how to
do away with the 14 AA's I would deeply appreciate it as I'm not a big fan of the clip system
for batteries in these "OL TEKS". Was thinking of doing the same on my Mark 1 LTD. but
I'm going to leave it in it's original stock new condition. Thanks for any help in this matter.
Love Vintage machines that just work as good as some of the NEW out there!!!
silverseeker 2

Re: Looking for info. on Battery Mod. for "OL TEK" 9000
Posted by: amberjack
Date: August 19, 2016 10:21AM
5 x 18650's battery's fully charged is 21 volts the same as 14 x 1.5volt AA battery's .

I have no idea even what that detector is but I know the battery's work I use them in all my 12 volt or 8 x AA battery detectors.

check them out just do a google search if you are interested and have any questions just ask away.


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