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Tesoro Cutlass II uMax upgraded to Golden uMax
Posted by: Bleaver
Date: December 12, 2016 05:23PM
I bought a Cutlass II uMax a couple of weeks ago from “Rob” on the Dectector Classified Forum for my Grandson to use.

In the attached photos you can see the face plate with the preset discrimination switch. ON THE PHOTO SHOWING THE SIDE OF THE DETECTOR YOU CAN SEE A 2 POSITION SWITCH. In addition to the 3D Triple Discrimination Mod that I have reported on before I added an additional circuit to switch allows me to change the Zink and above discrimination range to; 1. Accept Zink and, or 2. to Reject Zinks. This makes the 3D Discrimination equivalent to the discrimination features of the golden.

The stock discrimination pot (knob) works exactly as does on the unmodified detector. The toggle adds two set discrimination points. The detector works perfectly avoiding pull tabs and still responding to targets in the nickels range and in the coin range. So the operator has the choice to operate in the stock configuration, or utilize a 3 level Discrimination.

I added a 3 position momentary switch that returns to the center position when not activated.
1. First I set the detector to discriminate out foil. This is the center and default setting of the toggle.
2. NICKLE AND BELOW discrimination. Pressing down the toggle activates the Nickel and below discrimination. When released the toggle pops back to the center position.
3. ZINK AND ABOVE discrimination. Pressing up on the toggle activates the Zink and above discrimination. Again, when released the toggle pops back to the center position. (Note the limit can be set Above Zink thereby rejecting Zink if desired).

4. The new mod adds a selector switch in the, Zink and above discrimination, Item 3 above, to either accept zink and above targets or to reject the zinks and accept targets above that point.

In case any one is interested I also attach a photo of the modifications schematic for the mod. It is a bit more complicated with the second selector added. The mods do not require the circuit board to be worked on. It is entirely limited to the terminals of the discrimination potentiometer and that is moving the white wire to the 3 position momentary switch and tacking wires to the black and red terminals.

LAND (6): Troy Shadow X5; Silver Sabre uMax 3D, Cutlass II uMax 3D, Tesoro Vaquero 3D
WATER (3): Fisher CZ-21 (2ea) , Tesoro Sandshark;


Re: Tesoro Cutlass II uMax upgraded to Golden uMax
Posted by: amberjack
Date: December 13, 2016 12:16AM
thanks for the wiring diagram and instructions Bleaver might have a go one day so always good to know how makes life a whole lot easier :bouncy: THANKS!!


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