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Coil ear repair?
Posted by: jimmyzr1
Date: January 23, 2017 12:28AM
One of my coil ears broke on my Etrac pro coil. Does anyone know if it can be glued or repaired with some kind of plastic cement or something that will fuse together that won't break apart again? Thanks for the help.

Re: Coil ear repair?
Posted by: kt315
Date: January 23, 2017 04:56AM
just do it.

Re: Coil ear repair?
Posted by: Don in SoCal
Date: February 18, 2017 06:54PM
I would use 2 pieces of very thin (~ 1/64 ") tough plastic overlapping the whole ear and going to the coil surface.. Apply ShoeGoo to the broken ear and the plastic 'gussets' , then sandwich the broken ear between and lightly clamp together. Let dry for 2-3 days, pull clamp, trim/clean with Dremel, re-drill coil thru-bolt hole and you're GOOD. The glue will get a bit harder and stronger with time, so if you can restrain from putting into service for a couple of weeks this would be best.

HH, Don

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