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Depth of a CZ in general....
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: January 25, 2012 09:04AM
Listen up guys and gals its not rocket science relative the depth of a CZ.

Hottest issue in town right now is my CZ is deeper than your yours and have heard if it doesn't hit a clad dime at 12 inches its inferior and some are saying the new incorporated CZ's are not as deep. Simple procedure in the field turn on your CZ, properly ground balance and use it for 10 minutes or so to let it warm up and stabilize. Take a dime out of your pouch and simply start from an inch or two to find the hot spot and work out and you should get 10 inches or so, better yet the next time you get in an older area and get a high coin hit raise the coil to the max depth where it will sound off and that should give you an idea once you dig of your units useable depth. Having used ever model CZ ever made some several times I have gotten 10-12 inch dimes and the proof is in the pudding and in the ground is where it counts as factory lab tests mean nothing to me. I suppose one might go an inch deeper than another but all compnents are not the same.

I read these posts and shake my head as no one says my Mickey Mouse Special detector is deeper than yours but then again CZ's depth is the standard many use to gauge if their unit is as deep.

Is a CZ old technology sure is and certainly not perfect but coil for coil is as deep as any in a user friendly fashion compared with a lot of bells and whistles, graphs, programs better than sliced bread units.

In addendum lets hope they keep making them but for that matter as many that were made in the last 20 years or so should be still some nice used ones floating around hitting the classifieds to keep the avid CZ user having one in his arsenal.

Re: Depth of a CZ in general....
Posted by: EZrider
Date: January 25, 2012 09:53AM
All to often we hear/read of machines being equal or a "little" better. A couple of inches one way or another may not make much of a diffrence in the dirt. On the beach it's everything. What was was not expecting was to take two diffrent machines we are told that are equal. Only to find out one is deeper than the other by almost twice the depth. Add to that the deeper machine was not the one we were expecting. After going back and rereading a few years of post on this fourm. I'm no longer questioning what the CZ can do depth wise. They are all good deep machines.

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Re: Depth of a CZ in general....
Posted by: Bill_S
Date: January 25, 2012 01:12PM
I had a good cz3d I made the mistake of selling and just bought another one. Should have it by tomorrow I would hope. To tell you the truth I was leary of buying a new one so went with a used one that is supposed to air test good. I have heard some stories about customer service at fisher so I was afraid if I spent that much money for a new one and it was a dud I would just be stuck with it or have to sell it at a big loss. I didnt want to hear the factory tell me that 8" was the standard for a new CZ when I know the older ones did go deep.

I was talking with a guy one time and we were talking about two different model detectors. The one I used and the one he used. I had done a test between the two and one detector was clearly better to hit deeper targets and ID them better. One thing he said to me was "its not a matter of inches". I had to write back and tell him that yes it really was a matter of inches. I said if your detector can only hit a coin at 8 inches and mine can hit them at 10 then I will be finding a lot of coins that you are walking over. So to me it really is a matter of a few inches.

Re: Depth of a CZ in general....
Posted by: jmaryt
Date: January 25, 2012 06:44PM
a "properly ground balanced" cz WILL be as deep as anything else made today
i know! i owned a cz 6,AND a digital cz-70.i dug more than my share of dimes at
the 10" mark,and amazingly both detectors were "always" set up at a sensitivity
setting of around "4" wished i kept them,"especially" the original cz-6 which i acquired
in '92 .it had the original "pigtail" and i never experienced "any" issues with it whatsoever.
what is "astounding" and cz dan will back me up on this,is the fact,the cz-6 is every bit as deep
as a cz-3d being built today! still basically the same "dead nuts" circuitry,with the exception of recalibration
of the cz-3d by "nasa tom"..just sayin'


Re: Depth of a CZ in general....
Posted by: Harold,ILL.
Date: January 25, 2012 07:03PM
The Field test I always do with mine is what Dan said with a silver dime on the ground, Except I raise my coil to the highest point that I can just barley Pinpoint it till the depth meter top's out. Then release the pinpoint and swing coil slowly over target and see if I can still get a high tone hit. All the hot CZ's I have had will still get a hit. The few not so hot one's will not. This is about 10-11'' give or take,which to me is good enough!

Re: Depth of a CZ in general....
Posted by: cometguy
Date: January 26, 2012 08:30PM
I have to credit my CZ3d with the amazing recovery of my Ohio veteran's Civil War Service Medal. I had hunted with the CZ about a year and I had found a lot of nice stuff and had a lot of faith in the machine. I got a positive, sweet signal and started digging. I dug and dug. Two times I almost gave up, thinking whatever it was detecting had to be huge and junk. Finally, when I had a hole almost up to my elbow with my hand at the bottom I located the target. I admit the medal is bigger than a dime but my depth had to be in excess of a foot. I had never dug anything that deep before, nor have I since. My modern, manufactured in Texas CZ brought home one of my greatest finds. I have since moved on to a 1021 serial number machine. I'm not sure that I made the right decision, but it did beat my CZ by an inch or two on the air test. I couldn't keep them both, so I threw the dice. Time will tell if I made the right decision.


Re: Depth of a CZ in general....
Posted by: 88junior
Date: January 28, 2012 06:56AM
Guys I have a older Los-banos CZ-5 and a new First Texas CZ-3D they are both almost dead on the 10-11" mark. They both perform well even in my soil ( red clay, slate, ground from H3ll) most other detectors I have to use dd coils to get them ground balanced but the two CZ'S I have Ground balance doing the easy pinpoint button gb. Also in the ground I hunt the silver coins are usually at a maximum of 10" tops even in plowed fields. So I just don't see where people get aggravated and sell a CZ to get one or two inches in the air test the last time I hunted the coins were in the ground, not floating around in the air, I can tell you this I will take a poor performance CZ over anything made today!! I have that much faith in CZ's it's not all about the depth but quantity of good finds you have found in the time you have to hunt!!

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