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Does your CZ
Posted by: cometguy
Date: October 23, 2015 06:35AM
Wow. I have always found coins and at least two rings on any vacation beach visit with my CZ 70. This trip was no different, got a class ring and a wedding band. I realized I had never dug a ladies ring so I tested a few. Super bummer! None showed up in ID mode. I always figured they would be faint or quiet signals. Not home yet so I can't try my 1021 by dying to know if ladies rings are in Invisable to the CZs in ID mode. If so, it makes me wonder how many women's rings I have passed over? What does your CZ say?

Re: Does your CZ
Posted by: Fletch88
Date: October 23, 2015 12:58PM
All the ladies rings I've found with my cz-21, which is only a handful show up in Autotune and disc. The only problem is when they are broken rings or hoop earrings.

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Re: Does your CZ
Posted by: tvr
Date: October 23, 2015 04:40PM
Small (ladies) gold rings found with my CZ20 and CZ6a have nearly all shown up in the foil range, with a few indicating as tabs. I have not had a CZ70.

What settings are you using on the CZ70?

I took a look at the manual and in the initial set up to hunt part it says: "Press and release the PRESET touch pad. Your CZ-70 Pro is now in a "coins-only" mode, preset at the factory to accept U.S. coins and reject small ferrous and aluminum trash."

From the preset, you need to manually set it to accept foil and tabs or you will not detect much gold if any. With out changing from the preset you will get some big rings, silver rings, gold plated rings with a copper or silver base metal and probably some of the tungsten and other new "junk" metal rings. If it is set to accept foil and tabs, it should pick up the small gold rings.

If you don't have the manual, it is here: CZ70 manual

Re: Does your CZ
Posted by: cometguy
Date: October 30, 2015 07:57AM
Went back into the notching and added foil back into the mix and bing - - - we had small gold rings back. Not sure why, but I love the CZ 70 for beach hunting. I normally buy one in advance of my trip and sell it when I get back. They are getting harder to find and I may just keep this one. My ocean trips are pretty few and far between. I get to beach hunt about every 3 or 4 years. On the path to returning the class ring I found. I have the 50 year class reunion committee from the school working on finding my guy. I will update if I get it returned.

Thanks, Don

Re: Does your CZ
Posted by: tvr
Date: October 30, 2015 05:10PM
Glad you got the small rings back. That is most of what I find that is gold ... well small rings and some small pendants and earrings that are in the foil range too. CZ's do rock on the beach ... although the ones I have right now are even older than your CZ70.

Not sure if this chart has been posted in awhile
Posted by: therover
Date: October 31, 2015 07:39PM

Re: Not sure if this chart has been posted in awhile
Posted by: cometguy
Date: November 01, 2015 07:16AM
Awesome chart, thanks. I really wish that I could have taken my CZ3d on this trip as well. Had to choose two machines and I went with the CZ70, which has a great track record on the beach. I just don't use it enough to remember that it's auto discriminate knocks out foil. It was the third or fourth day out that I figured it out. It will probably be two or three years before I see a beach again. Hoping I remember this lesson. Thanks, everyone.


Re: Does your CZ
Posted by: supertraq
Date: November 02, 2015 08:04PM
On the beach I only disc iron at most,knock foil out and you take out most small gold.

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