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The CZ big coil made some nice finds this week
Posted by: cz70pro
Date: June 12, 2016 04:47PM
Have been out a few times this week with my CZ70 and the 10.5" coil. Definitely like the coil and would recommend it. It does very well going deep on small items. I dug a tiny button at 8 inches with it and it gave a very nice repeatable signal.

I went to our local city park which I have hunted many, many times with my CZ70 and the 8" coil. It had gotten to the point where you could swing for 15 minutes before getting a decent repeatable signal. Started hunting with the big coil with Volume at 4, Sens at 6 and nothing notched. I hunted for a couple of hours and managed to pull out an 1898 V nickel that was worn pretty thin and was standing completely on edge at 6 inches. I was very surprised when I found that one. I then found a 1942 P silver war nickel at only 4 inches. I have no idea how I missed that one in the past. I also dug a "heartbreaker" ring that definitely gave me pause when I saw it in my hole but unfortunately was not real. Maybe next time. My last noteworthy find was my favorite. I got a nice fourth "Treasure" tone and dug down about 7-8 inches and popped out a beautiful dropped Confederate Civil War Enfield bullet. The one thing that was really amazing was there were LOTS of signals to be dug using the big coil. For a change, I spent much more time on my knees digging than swinging the coil in that park.

I also went out yesterday to some soccer fields that were built on part of a Civil War battlefield here in East Tennessee. These fields have been pounded over the years but still will occasionally produce some nice finds. I ended up finding a nice cast iron bridle bit, two buck and balls and what appears to be a carved musket nipple protector. I also dug two rings that day. The black carbide ring rang up as foil on the CZ70 and the other smaller ring rang up as a pulltab. Gotta dig them all. Since that field has very little mineralization I was able to run the Sensitivity at 8 to 10 with no problems.

Hope everyone is out there finding great things. HH

Re: The CZ big coil made some nice finds this week
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: October 25, 2016 10:24PM
Nice saves on the relics. The CZ's are bullet vacuum cleaners.

From The Great Appalachian Valley Minelab GPX 4500 F19 T2se G2 CZ-3D XLT Pro pointer

Re: The CZ big coil made some nice finds this week
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: October 27, 2016 03:29PM
For some reason this coil likes coins on edge although quite heavy....

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