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Re: The best CZ
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: September 07, 2016 12:41AM

The CZ-6 and the CZ-6a have different coil connections both on the coil cable and the housing. Also, the CZ-6 had a water resistant pigtail for the headphones. I had both, first the CZ-6 and then the 6a. There was a period of time after the 6a came out that Fisher converted the older CZ-6's to the new connectors on the CZ-6a. I believe now they will do it for a price.

As for the BEST CZ? There are 2 different procedures Tom does on the CZ's. One is a standard calibration to factory specs of the detector settings and each of the TARGET ID segments so that targets fall into the appropriate category . The second is a CONVERSION from CZ-5/6 factory specs to the CZ-3D factory spec's. At least for categories. Bear in mind that a CZ-3D has an additional audio tone that the CZ-5/6 doesn't. Tom will basically fine tune the CZ for best possible performance and will provide you a copy of his test result data and suggestions for operation. One of his 'test' results is the maximum depth the detector can reliably detect a clad dime. I believe he does this in his test garden. CZ's that hit that 11" mark, or deeper, on the clad dime are highly prized by CZ aficionados. But regardless of the depth your CZ is able to detect once it is fine tuned, you come away knowing that your CZ is accurately sorting targets.

Hope that helps.

Rich -

Minelab Equinox 800
Garrett ProPointer AT

Re: have it backwards
Posted by: Happy_Hour
Date: October 14, 2016 06:28PM
The CZ6 had the special connectors and coils. The CZ6a is just like the CZ5 but without a speaker and water resistant.

The CZ5, 6a, 7, 7a, 70 and 3D can all use the same coils.

The CZ6 was the odd one out.

cz6a is just like the cz5....Why do most people prefer the 6a over the 5, because of the external speaker on the 5.

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Re: The best CZ
Posted by: The Contrarian
Date: October 31, 2016 05:27PM
I guess the calibration lasts forever since its internal?
No, it is an analog unit so it is susceptible to drift over time.

Re: CZ6 was the first, then the CZ6a
Posted by: Blissterd1
Date: October 03, 2017 01:57AM
... the CZ6 is the same but with standard headphone connector, like the CZ5, but water resistant? Is that correct?

You're close, the CZ6 had the wacky connectors on both the search coil and the headphones. if there is on the face of the unit a 1/4" jack for headphones with a rubber seal of sorts and a rubber boot over the salt/normal mode switch then it is a CZ6A. Note: Not all converted CZ6A's were marked as such. My CZ6A just says CZ6 Quicksilver on the housing. Later ones say CZ6A, so there is obviously no conversion needed. I can only assume that they can be truly converted to CZ3D by NASA Tom, which gives them a tune-up to max depth and widens the ID to include nickels and older, deeper coins in the high beep or "coin" range.

Re: have it backwards
Posted by: Blissterd1
Date: October 03, 2017 02:08AM
Actually I don't think that there is a preference in the CZ6A over the CZ5. The only difference is the CZ6A has no speaker. They made an add-on for it that attaches with the battery screws and has a little speaker box built onto it. I just use headphones on mine but I may build my own, they don't look so difficult as to bodge one together and I can use the speaker of my choice. I do like the option of a speaker so I don't have to wrestle with the headphones but there is a definite advantage to stealth detecting and I have wondered if a tiny audio pre-amp might help me with hearing the modulated audio (by keeping volume set to 5 or less) so that deeper targets are quieter. I hate rousing attention to my target beeps. I also think it takes less battery power to feed the tiny speakers in headphones vs. the built in speaker. Maybe minimal but every battery MAh minute counts!

Re: have it backwards
Posted by: Dave J.
Date: October 03, 2017 02:31AM
The part of the circuit that detects targets is the same in the CZ6 and CZ5, the only differences are in how they deliver audio to the outside world.
The difference between the CZ5 and the CZ3D is in how targets are classified in the ID system. The rest is the same.
I don't think that Tom Dankowski converts older models to CZ3D spex, but could be mistaken. Perhaps someone who knows for fact one way or the other will chime in.

Of the various CZ models, the CZ5 is my favorite. .

Re: have it backwards
Posted by: marcomo
Date: October 03, 2017 06:11PM
Dankowski will convert the Cz-5 to old coin specs like the Cz-3d. Still minus the 4th (foil) tone of the 3d.

My memory is foggy, but I believe the "normal" position on the Cz-5 then becomes the equivalent of the "enhanced" position on the 3d

Re: The best CZ
Posted by: R Mendes
Date: October 25, 2017 07:46PM
In the beach I love my CZ6a!

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