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CZ Meters
Posted by: The Contrarian
Date: October 29, 2016 07:30AM
Are meters from a CZ6a interchangeable with that on a CZ3D?

Are they still available as a replacement service part?

The 6a and 3D meter icons are different
Posted by: therover
Date: October 29, 2016 10:54AM
The meter icons are slightly different and the 3D has four tones, so not sure if a 6a meter put into a 3D ( or vice versa) would ID the same. It may work but not sure how accurate the meter reading would be. Also, I think the 3D discrimination 'windows' are slightly different than a 6a due to the Enhanced mode functionality.

Then again, I could be way off on my assumptions.

Re: CZ Meters
Posted by: Tony-Ok
Date: October 30, 2016 01:33AM
The CZ3D meters is all they have now for replacement. My CZ 5 meter went bad about 4 months ago . Everything still works the same , just a different icon. Sent control box and coil to them , 1 week later it was back !! Works perfect $85.00 to repair HH Tony

Re: CZ Meters
Posted by: The Contrarian
Date: October 30, 2016 04:39PM
Can't some CZ6As be turned into CZ3Ds through reprogramming?

Re: CZ Meters
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: October 31, 2016 09:26AM
Indeed they can to a degree....I believe not completely as won't have the CZ3D tones...

Re: CZ Meters
Posted by: The Contrarian
Date: October 31, 2016 05:23PM
I just needed to look down.,2315196,2315196#msg-2315196

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