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Re: I just bought a CZ5, did I screw up by not buying a CZ3D
Posted by: Wayfarer
Date: February 24, 2017 04:03PM
Zinc Penny
I know what you mean. The new CZ3Ds sure are expensive. With the recent price drop, F75 LTD 2's, Fisher's top of the line, now cost less than a new CZ.

I'd be hard pressed to spend more on a CZ than a F75. Even the CZ fanboys will usually admit that the F75 is the only other detector that can match or beat the CZ.

Still though, gotta love those dials on the analog machines!

Heck 879 is retail new in box, I've seen used as high as 600 if I got one for like $400 I would pay it. I miss my cz, first day out I found a 14k gold ring and 3 other pieces of gold jewellery now that is where the cz holds its own in old coins and gold. It's just amazing.

That's awesome about the gold ring on the first day out. Nothing like a good find to instill confidence in a new detector.

I've been watching for a CZ3D for a couple years now and been waffling between new and used. Prices are holding up there for both and show no signs of coming down. Don't want to wander off topic, but just pointing out that CZ3D's are holding their value and if you want one, you have to pay fairly big bucks. Not sure what Dan paid for his CZ5, but maybe about the same as a CZ3D, they're really very similar. Dan's CZ5 will come back with a super tune from the master and do great.

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Re: I just bought a CZ5, did I screw up by not buying a CZ3D
Posted by: juit
Date: April 16, 2017 11:35PM
is the cz3d better than the cz6a? I just got one and it works awesome super deep great tone discrimination, I'm not trying to start a VS thread Im just curious

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