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Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: cometguy
Date: December 02, 2017 02:10PM
Has anybody had experience wth the Sunray 12 inch coil for CZs? Does it add a true depth gain or is it more pain than it is worth? Anybody have real life experiences with it?


Re: Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: vernt
Date: December 02, 2017 04:37PM
I have three FZ-12's. It's been awhile since I did a comparison test, so I can't quote you numbers. I also have two 8" and two 10 coils also. The 12 in goes deeper.

Re: Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: tvr
Date: December 02, 2017 06:17PM
FZ-12 is essentially permanently attached to my CZ6A for beach work. I don't have head to head numbers on the various coils either, but I've recovered good targets very deep with the FZ-12.

The FZ-12 is a thin profile coil, so when I work the edge of the water with it, there is not too much water drag. If I had an extra one, I'd probably wire it to a CZ-21 for water work.

Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: vlad
Date: December 03, 2017 01:08AM
I found nothing deeper than with my 10.5-but that could mean I may not have hit anything that because nothing was deeper; Bill Ladd told me he had hit targets deeper.
Two things about the Big 12: it is heavier and my arm was like lead after 45 minutes; in my area I found the ground balance to be more critical-I hit a hot rock (never happened before) with it,
my friend's CZ did not pick it up (I was at the preset position on ground balance.)

Re: Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: December 03, 2017 10:11PM
Sunray is deeper and more coverage....have to admit the 10.5 Fisher likes targets on edge and pinpoints well...Not much different in actual weight but Sunray 12 seems to be tougher to swing...Actually stock 8 goes just as deep as I want to dig...Not a fan of large coils but to each his own....

Re: Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: tvr
Date: December 04, 2017 04:50PM
Not a fan of large coils but to each his own.

For dirt hunting, I, too, much prefer the 8 inch and in some cases the 5 inch due to target separation and masking. In really dense trash, I normally don't use the CZ.

Most of the beaches I've hunted have fewer targets and the bigger coil with more coverage becomes useful. I have hit a few beaches where the 8 inch coil is preferable. Where the waves move, the 8 inch coil does not try to drag the detector out of the hand as much as the 10.5 inch coil. The thin profile FZ-12 doesn't get pulled by the water like the 10.5 inch does; in that respect it is much closer to the 8 inch coil.

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Same with me TVR
Posted by: therover
Date: December 05, 2017 02:32PM
One of my CZ6a's has the FZ12 on it for beach work.

To be honest though....I still use the 8 inch coil, even in the wet sand, about 90% of the time. Coil control is of utmost importance to me when beach hunting and I feel using the Fisher 10.5 or Sunray FZ12, I don't swing even and find myself lifting at the end of each swing. I run that 8 inch coil where is scrapes the wet sand and is flat and hovering over the sand the entire swing arc.

That said, I have found the FZ is a tad deeper but tends to ID a bit differently than the Fisher coils on some targets. I think the Fisher 10.5 is a great design and since they are still available, is a much better value. Won't sell my FZ 12 though...just saying if a CZ user is looking for a bigger coil, they can't go wrong getting the Fisher 10.5. Trying to find a FZ12 coil is hard.

Re: Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: Cal_Cobra
Date: December 08, 2017 10:29PM
I really liked it on my CZ70, both for beach detecting and even more so for deep turf silver detecting :cheers:

Did you hipmount it? :biggrin:N/T
Posted by: vlad
Date: December 09, 2017 01:40AM

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Re: Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: Harold,ILL.
Date: December 09, 2017 02:08PM
Had a couple not much Deeper than 10.5" Coil.
Also the Design of the 10.5" Coil makes it Hit harder on edge coins for some reason but a Beast to swing with box on rod. I still keep one around for those pounded places where deep coins may still be hiding.

Golden uMax

Re: Sunray 12 inch coil for CZ
Posted by: Darren(Va)
Date: December 18, 2017 10:48AM
I have used the 5" and up. All depends on number of targets. More targets equal smaller coil. I've loved it in open field. I would wonder around farm fields looking for pockets of targets but would always pick up random things. I also had mine made from SunRay with about 4 ft less cord to make it even lighter. Same depth as 10 1/2 but more coverage with lot less weight. Those that say it's heavy most likely had alot more coil wire than I did. Most of my personal machines have just a straight run and not a bunch of wire coiled around shaft. I'm not much on chest mount but an extension cable is easy enough if I wanted to. I've definitely swung alot less weight over the years doing that. My 2cents

HH, Darren

Land/Bean Fields
5", 8", & 10 1/2"

Excalibur 1000
10" & SR-12

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