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Re: CZ-70Pro Question For Dan-Pa;Mike Va.Beach;Mtdorramike:
Date: January 06, 2005 07:51PM
Les,IMO could be iron remnants ,hot rocks , buried infrastructure, or small bits of old debris and busted halo effect LOL.Old buried iron will give you many false signals from low iron to high coin, but you can't find a finite pinpoint,it will not go away. Hot rocks- Wilmington is plagued with them, i have dug a few and turned sens down and GB adjust to eliminate the falses with the rock as a target .Another possibility is smaller bits of decomposed metals that breakup when dug and you lose all remnants of them.I,ve been there done that with false signals and the one thing i try to do is remember,coins don't move around so pinpoint should be in same area all the time, raise coil and if you get a signal 12" above the hole it's not a dime,my feelings are in a city park if you don't find the coin within 7to 8" from the surface it's probably deep junk.One thing you could do is go to 0 disc and listen for iron bonk sound. There are so many reasons for false signals i guess you just have to try for yourself and then determine what your frustration level is and move on to the next target as you indicated you do. HH Bill.

Great bunch of answers.
Date: January 09, 2005 09:30AM
Fortunately as it gives us great depth on good targets is a very powerful unit..Our area does not have many hot rocks but is a good possibility as some areas are loaded with them. Another is you are just hitting the fringe of a deep signal, water pipe, old can, horseshoe or whatever after many hours in the field you will be able to determine these hits by the audio response and yep once went 15 inches for a crushed copper teapot myself.Just had to see what it was..

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