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Sunray 12 vs. Fisher 10.5
Bill W.
Date: January 10, 2005 07:58PM
I am looking to by a Sunray 12 or Fisher 10.5 for my 3D. I am wondering if the extra $100 is worth it for the Sunray. Any depth comparisions? I know it's a new coil I was just curious as to whether anyone has some field time yet. How much sensitivity is a 12 concentric coil going to give up to smaller objects? Is it going to still hit half dimes at depth well? How does everyone like their Fisher 10.5's? Does it give much more depth. I figure an inch or so in the right soil. I can't imagine what the 3D is going to do with a 10.5 or 12 on it... I only have an 8 on it now and it's depth is already great! HH!

I've used the 10.5"..........
Date: January 11, 2005 12:19AM
......... for beach detecting in the early morning when chasing the out-going tide. Since tide times change every day and my detecting time is quite constant, it's not used every day as I prefer the 8" coil for general detecting. While I can detect for hours with the standard coil without discomfort or fatigue, the 10.5" coil cries out for hip/chest mounting. The 12" coil weighs the same as the 10.5" and logically I would expect it to feel AT LEAST as heavy.
While I may gain an inch or two depth with the 10.5" coil, my primary concern is the coverage, or "footprint", of the larger Fisher coil due to the hybrid design which is NOT incorporated in the Sunray 12" design. The implication is that while you may get a little more depth, the trade-off could well be loss in real coverage,
The pinpoint is off-center with the 10.5" coil, but constant in position, so that's not an issue with me. With the 12" coil you can expect the pinpoint to be dead center if that's an issue important to you.
Weigh the pros and cons before jumping into either.

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