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It was brought to my attention today...
Date: January 19, 2005 11:30PM the manufacturer of one of my favorite pieces of equipment, the Sun Ray probe, that many of the CZ users weren't familiar enough with his company to trust the quality he puts in his equipment.
Now true enough I am a Minelab user mainly but I do have an ID Excel. (I've been on Ralph for some time about a probe so I will take it out more..)
My point really is that most of us Minelab users have become so addicted to the Sun Ray accessories that I wouldn't think of going out the door without my probe on. You can check on the M.L. Forum and ask the guys about the quality of his products. I've used his coils large and small as well as the probe. He's an advertiser here but the users on the forums won't lie. (Actually I wouldn't either but I understand why my opinion would be suspect..) I cannot stand to dig a hole 8 to 10 inches deep without a pin point probe that will effectively reach out 3 to 4 inches and use the same circuits the main coil uses for the meter read out. Ralph is one picky guy about the stuff he sells. He probably is one of the lone rangers of after market products for a major brand where his stock is right up there with the manufacturer.
I am into camera's and I wouldn't think of buying an aftermarket product other than Canon for the Canon unless I do serious research. Sun Ray products are a lot like that. But don't take my word for it. Go on one of the forums where there are users already using his probe and after market coils. The Fisher probe and coils are new but don't be afraid of the manufacturer. One thing I can tell you. If Ralph is making an aftermarket coil, he's tested it against a factory coil and did better. Ralph isn't stupid. If e didn't have a better mousetrap he's of shelved it.
I know there are a few guys on here that seem to have made it their mission to sink the product. They don't own one so how can you listen to them. If you dig deep targets especially one's that have been missed by other machines you are probably digging an on edge or problem target anyway and you need a great probe. I wouldn't leave home without it...
Thanks for listening... Guvner..

Re: It was brought to my attention today...
Mike (Virginia Beach)
Date: January 20, 2005 06:01AM
Well I can certainly attest to the quality of the Sunray products. I have a Fischer CZ-70 and a couple of Minelabs myself. I have used the legendary Sunray DTI-II meter and the Sunray S-12 Intruder coil on my Sovereign Elite and found them to be first class. And although I haven't gotten any of the FZ series accessories yet, I have no doubt they are top notch as well and will eventually have the probe.
I'm putting a link to the Sunray Testimonials page below. My own testimonial is in's the second one down. Ralph makes great stuff!

Sunray products..
Date: January 20, 2005 07:50AM
Indeed Sunray makes some nice products which I have used.Most Minelab people know this but when you go to another manufacturer with aftermarket products going to take a bit to get established..Being an ardent Minelab ( what haven't I used) can personally attest to Sunray making a quality product...

Guv., I have questions? Do you have to increase the Sens. on your Minelab Probe to get increased depth like the Fisher FZ1 Probe requires?
Date: January 20, 2005 10:04AM
I would think that since the probe feeds off the Detector's settings, that the probe would be able to do the 3 inches without changing the sensitivity up and down. Also is your probe sensitive the full length of the probe like the FZ1 is?

I have changed sensitivity at times but not always when switching to the probe...
Date: January 20, 2005 06:53PM
I basically don't even switch to pinpoint either. I leave it in discriminate and when you're that close to the target and the dirt is disturbed most of the time any iron that was falsing just goes away. If you have a coin in the bottom wall of that hole there is nothing like getting a good sound in a deep hole... The tiny little battery powered probes cannot ever come close. Targets you've been walking away from for years are all of sudden there after all. I wouldn't go out with the best detector of all time if it didn't have a probe on it.
I think I hunt with a meter and a probe to get more enjoyment out of detecting... You can get occasionally fooled by a deep target but once you stick the probe in the bottom of the hole there is nothing quite as sweet as getting that for sure sound coming from the probe. And the closer you get to the target the louder it gets...
My take... Guvner..

Re: Guv., I have questions? Do you have to increase the Sens. on your Minelab Probe to get increased depth like the Fisher FZ1 Probe requires?
Date: January 21, 2005 06:19PM
Hey Bud, I have a FZ-Probe on my CZ-70Pro, and have used it for two outtings in a month or little longer period of time. I PERSONALLY LOVE IT! IT SAVES ME ALOT OF WASTED DIGGING TIME! I bought mine as soon as I saw the announcement. Because, I had the DX-1 SunRay Probe on my former WHITES MXT, and I loved it also! But, I had to sell it when I sold my MXT, because they are not interchangable with different manufactured detectors.
As for the depth, mine gets a good 3-4 inches on buried targets, and that is with my CZ-70Pro Sensitivity set at 4. I leave my sensitivity set consistently at 4, because CZ-70Pro's will false alot if you raise the sensitivity above 4 in my ground. As for the pinpointing range on the FZ-Probe, it should extend approx. 1" up the side of the probe from the tip. At least, that is what Ralph from SunRay Products told me, when I purchased my first probe (DX-1 Probe) from him personally.
They also have a good resale value! Hope this helps you, hh, NamVetLesTreasureSeeker

Mine operates the same as Namvets on my CZ70pro, but on my CZ5.....
Date: January 21, 2005 07:16PM
I only get about 2" depth at sensativity 4, but if I push it up to sensativity 6, then I will get better then 3" depth.
But the CZ70, I don't have to change the sensativity setting to get 3-4" depth.

Yeah, it works better on the CZ70 than the CZ5 but,...
Date: January 21, 2005 09:11PM
I notice that the probe is sensitive about half way up the probe in one spot. Still have not been able to get out with it for more testing. Brrr and more snow on the way. Just tried to start my Snow Blower and you guessed it, it won't start. 200' foot driveway shovel work ahead. HH

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