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I have a set of them
Date: February 01, 2004 11:56PM
I just got them in last week as I have to try differnt headphones and try to find the loudest ones. My hearing is not good and I need the volumes and find the Timberwolfs are the best volume for me. Now I got a set of the Sun Rays new headphones and they dont have the volume the Timberwolfs have, but I find they feel beter, better tones and lighter than the Timberwolfs, infact I think these are the most comforatble I have ever tried. I have tried several Koss and they may be good for some they just were not for me and the Gray Ghost, Killer Bees, Timberwolfs and now the new Sun Ray headphone will be the ones I will recomend as all are top quality with life time limited warrenty.

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