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Date: February 02, 2004 12:31AM
The wife and I are planning on moving to Nevada from Ohio this year. My hunting will change to ghost towns and prospecting. I'll be looking for coins, relics and possibly nuggets too. I know that with the ads for MXT it should be a no brainer as it seems to cover all these aspects of hunting. However, my concern is that the difference in frequencies; 6.59 Khz (XL PRO) vs 15 Khz. (MXT) Does the higher frequency of the MXT add to or hinder the detection of finding deep silver and copper coins? I've read that the lower the Khz, the deeper the detection for silver and copper coins. I know the higher Khz is great for gold. I've heard that the coins in the desert areas are usually shallow compared to the Eastern soils. I love the XL PRO and the analog meter and am not afraid to go low or no DISC and dig everything (especially in a ghost town). I know there are books on prospecting with the 6000 series too. Both machines seem to be designed to meet all aspects of hunting and field conditions. Is there any depth or ground balance advantages using these machines? I'm also looking at the Explorer II. Thanks!

Why not have both? Keep the XL Pro and add the MXT
Jackpine Savage
Date: February 02, 2004 05:27AM
Keep the excellent XL Pro and add one more to your battery.
Date: February 02, 2004 09:05AM
Take your pick from any of the following:
Classic III
Classic ID
Classic IDX Pro
Why? Because the Classic series operate quieter in heavy iron trash, and I can guarantee you that many of our Western Ghost Towns have ample iron junk to challenge anyone!
Why? Because while the XL Pro is an excellent moderate-to-fast motion discriminator, the Classic series provide the benefits of both silent-search and slow-motion/quick recovery that most definitely can reward you when hunting many sites!
Why? Because the XL Pro and any of these Classic models share the same search coils so you can have just 2 or 3 coils in your total battery and have all the bases covered!
Why? Because I know that I have used, with great success the XL Pro (and under it's former name the 6000 Pro XL), Classic III, Classic ID & Classic IDX Pro in city hunting of parks and schools, sportsfields, yards, demolition sites, vacant lots and others places, but especially in the ghost towns of Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, California and the great state of Nevada.
I usually keep a smaller coil attached to a Classic to take advantage of their slow-motion, quick-response performance in heavily trashed sites. I sometimes use a 6

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