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Here's a post Jerry made a few months back...
Art SC
Date: February 03, 2004 06:47AM
MXT - SC Beach Report & Performance Review

SITE: Seabrook Island, South Carolina
I metal detected several days with the MXT on the beach, here are my opinions:
The Conditions and Equipment Used:
The beaches were often very desolate and seemed only lightly used this time of year. I could hunt for 30 minutes at a time without even a hint of a signal. These beaches had some heavy deposits of black sand in certain areas.
I used the Prospecting Mode and the Stock 950 concentric coil to hunt and get the ground ID readings. I'd think you could do even better with the larger DD coil but maybe not quite as deep. The dry sand area gave ground readings from 3 to 70 (the 70 reading coming on the heaviest of black sand).
Field Results:
The MXT ran smooth as silk in all the dry sand areas. I ran the Sensitivity at +1 and the Discrimination at the pre-set. I also ran the Threshold at Silent Search. This is because I found that if you ran an audible threshold the detector was a little chattery which can drive you nuts on a lonely beach. In the dry sand the ID was always accurate.
Damp sand areas read at 3 so I could raise the sensitivity to +2 here with no problems. Any higher sensitivity and I got some false signals.
ID Note: I decided to bury a quarter in the wet soupy sand to see if the MXT would ID correctly there. I buried the quarter at around 5-6", refilled the hole with the soupy mixture and scanned the target. The MXT consistently ID'd the quarter as a good target but it ID

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