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Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: Cajuncoinhunter
Date: January 03, 2011 09:53PM
Great weather. Good location. We found different types of CW bullets, rivets, a button, old pottery etc. Thanks for looking. CCH

Re: Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: jacknh
Date: January 04, 2011 12:17AM
nice finds you guys. Congrats... Sounds like you guys miss the cold? If you want, I can pack up some snow & ship it to you. LOL. Jack

Re: Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: January 04, 2011 07:10AM
Beautiful video EJ and congratulations on the relics. In watching the video, it appears that you have come down with a bug.......... MD'ing fever............:clapping:

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

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Re: Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: Nancy-IL
Date: January 04, 2011 07:36AM
Great video and one heck of a nice hunt site. Will you be able to go back and hunt it later? Congratulations on the Civil War relics. I bet there's a seated coin or two there also. :wink: Thanks for the video and HH, Nancy

Nancy - Central Illinois
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Re: Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: Cajuncoinhunter
Date: January 04, 2011 08:05AM
Thanks Larry and Nancy,

I appreciate the kind words. The kodak playsport makes videos easy.
I enjoy being outside and dont really care to hunt down wild game anymore. We are so lucky down here in that we hardly ever get snow. I do plan on going back there and will let everyone know. YES- I'm hoping for a really old seated coin out there but it just hasn't happened yet. We'll see. I'm content with the CW bullets for now. Thanks for looking. CCH

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Re: Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: bula
Date: January 04, 2011 08:32AM
Looks like you had fun & have a very nice spot to hunt. Maybe one day I'll go east & be able to hunt a spot like that.

Re: Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: Bearharold
Date: January 04, 2011 08:35AM
Thats a really great video and you did a great job using it . Congrats on some really nice civil war relics very nice hunt in warm weather must be nice . thanks for sharing your hunt with us , makes our winter a little better to watch you hunt when we can't .


Good job!!!N/T
Posted by: Jeff-TN
Date: January 04, 2011 09:35PM

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Re: Relic Hunt (01/03/11) :detecting:
Posted by: goob
Date: January 11, 2011 07:29PM
Nice hunt! I just got a Playsport. It has been too cold here to go on any hunts + I probably couldnt press buttons with freezing fingers anyways haha. Cool video though. Thanks for sharing.

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