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MXT ALL PRO on its way real soon !!!
Posted by: St Bernard
Date: February 01, 2016 07:07PM
After a lot of research the last 2 months on a lot of detectors I finally decided to go with the MXT ALL PRO. I was close to getting a Fisher F75 LTD which is also a good detector I cancelled that order and went with the
Whites MXT ALL PRO and also ordered several other coils and other goodies with it. I should have it about the end of the month and then the fun starts. I was out with some people and 1 had the standard MXT and another
had the MXT PRO. There were several other brands there also and the MXT"s was really a performer . Found quite a few coins in a park and ball diamond. Another reason I went with the MXT PRO was being able to make
small changes to it. The other people had to stop and go thru programs to make changes I thought not going there. Another reason for the MXT PRO was detecting which I want to do. Maybe next year I will get the GMT
detector dedicated for gold prospecting. We live in a good part of California for prospecting. I also bought the book THE MXT EDGE. Its is an excellent for learning the MXT and its programs learned a lot already. I also
watch a lot of videos on YOU TUBE on the MXT & MXT PRO. Sure a lot of good operating information there. So now its hurry up and wait and a lot of reading. Thanks to other persons who answered to questions I had
in this section of this forum it was a great help.. Thanks again
Bill :cheers: :usaf:

Re: MXT ALL PRO on its way real soon !!!
Posted by: Nancy-IL
Date: February 02, 2016 05:33AM
Congratulations on purchasing your MXT Pro. I know you will love it and like I've said many times, practice practice practice and you will learn your machine and you'll be extremely happy with your decision. HH and keep us posted!

Nancy - Central Illinois
Am I getting rich? No, just having fun!

with an arsenal of coils.

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Way to go
Posted by: therover
Date: February 02, 2016 10:52AM
You are going to love it and you won't have any regrets making that choice.

One of my favorite units. Simple, deep and lots of great coils to choose from.

Re: MXT ALL PRO on its way real soon !!!
Posted by: St Bernard
Date: February 10, 2016 08:12PM
Well I had a change on the MXT PRO. I am going to go with the V3i now. I decided while I can afford the V3i instead of upgrading later I will do it now. Thanks

Re: MXT ALL PRO on its way real soon !!!
Posted by: JEF
Date: February 10, 2016 08:47PM
Good luck with the V3i. I had a V3i and I traded it in for a MXT Pro. I have not regretted the trade one bit. I was never sure with the V3i when I made changes if I was making it better or worse. I like the simplicity of the MXT Pro, and I find just as much with it as I did with the V3i, and probably more because I'm not constantly fiddling with adjustments. Three knobs and two switches and I'm ready to go.

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