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Are MXTs no longer being built?
Posted by: Daugela
Date: July 02, 2016 10:45PM
I've own the original since it came out. Love it! Despite buying some other detectors, I always seem to go back to the MXT! With that said, I was going to upgrade to a Pro and was wondering if they even still make the original MXT? I assume nobody would want one if the Pro is available.

Re: Are MXTs no longer being built?
Posted by: shortcut1224
Date: July 03, 2016 07:58AM
They are certainly available.

Re: Are MXTs no longer being built?
Posted by: JEF
Date: July 03, 2016 02:33PM
In their new catalog, that I just picked up at their headquarters in Sweet Home, OR, the MXT is not listed. Only the MXSport, MXT All Pro, and the MX5 are in the M series category. Also, the Beach Hunter ID is no longer in their catalog.

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Re: Are MXTs no longer being built?
Posted by: MattBullSummerville
Date: July 06, 2016 09:57PM
Sounds like a new beach detector could be in the works. The MX Sport will work for the beach but really is not what it is designed for, it's a do it all machine. White's may have dropped the MXT from the line now that the Sport is out. An upgraded or new version of the BHID or something along that line with multi frequencies, maybe a lighter newer design would be wonderful. I loved my MXT Tracker, but I would not trade my MX Sport for one now having been using the Sport for a while. The Tracker did go to a good home, sold it to a local relic hunter. The MX Sport for me and the way I hunt is much deeper and has much better separation than the Tracker. Just wish there was a small coil for the Sport like the other M series detectors have such as the 5.3. Just got the 950 for the Sport and really liking it so far, just need a few more hours using it. Happy Hunting everyone

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