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Question on Andy Sabisch technique as described in MXT Field Guide
Posted by: doberman
Date: July 30, 2016 10:06AM
A few trips to local parks and schools before the report was wrapped up allowed me to try out the MXT Pro's new 7-tone audio target ID feature. Similar the system found on the M6 which I have used quite successfully since it was introduced, it is designed to allow one to identify targets (at least on a general basis) by the audio response and then refine the identification using the target ID number on the LCD screen. The response does take a little getting used to in that the signals are not as "clean" as the single tone option produces but the extra information does help identify targets without looking at the meter. In high trash areas I found myself toggling between the two options via the MUSICAL NOTES touchpad with both allowing me to find and zero in on targets... the one you opt for will be a matter of personal preference and switching between the two couldn't be easier – one press of the touchpad!

I must not be understanding how Andys above rechnique is implemented. If I have my MXT Pro in coins/jeweley mode (7 tones) and press the musical notes pad switch it turns OFF all tones. I know Im missing something....???


Andy Sabisch technique as described in MXT Field Guide
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: August 05, 2016 12:56AM
Hi Dan,

As I read your excerpt from Andy's book, I am understanding it to say that when Andy turned on the 7 tones, he gained additional audio target ID information that can be used along with the Visual target ID number on screen, HOWEVER, the clarity of the 7 tones is not as good as the clarity of the Single tone and he found himself toggling back and forth between 7 tones and Single tone. Basically, turning the 7 tones ON and then OFF.

If I understand your comment correctly, you are NOT able to toggle like Andy between 7 tones and Single tone, but 7 tones and NO audio?

Rich (Utah)

Have detectors, will travel.

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