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Got the "new to me " MXT out
Posted by: azdigger
Date: September 14, 2017 02:09PM
Took my "new to me" MXT out to a couple of tot lots, both lots show small digs so I know I was not the only one there.
I was using the D2 coil and love the ID, it was right on.
Got a dime and a nickel the first time out , then the 2nd time out I got 2 Dimes , A Nickel and a penny. Like I said the area had been hunted so I guess I did OK.
Makes me happy with the MXT . Going to try the 6x10 coil I have and see how that goes.

Re: Got the "new to me " MXT out
Posted by: Nancy-IL
Date: September 14, 2017 03:26PM
Congratulations on your MXT purchase! It's a great machine and like you said, "It was right on". Remember that.... I would dig a junk signal just because and sure enough, it was junk and I would say that's probably 98% of the time the MXT was right. Trust your machine. I rarely dig any junk. I'm probably going to get a little flack with that comment but it's the truth,

Thanks for posting and again, Congratulations on your MXT. :detecting: :thumbup::wiggle:

Nancy - Central Illinois
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Re: Got the "new to me " MXT out
Posted by: Wayfarer
Date: September 20, 2017 05:23AM
Welcome to Idaho Dan! I am in just about the same situation as you: I hunt private residences with my MXT and usually only get one chance. My coils of choice are the Spider 9", the White's 6x10, and the White's 5.3 Eclipse (actually more of a 6 1/2" concentric). Here's my reasoning: The first coil I use is the 6x10. If I only have time for one coil, tyhat's the one I use. It separates well and gets "ok" depth, but most importantly, it covers a lot of ground. Giving up depth also means giving up digging those really deep holes that homeowners cringe when they see. With the 6x10, you can be sure you'll get just about everything down to about 6", and covering 10" swaths with each swing.

I also have a V3i, but that is my "nerd" detector I like to fiddle with and learn about different settings, but it is not my go to for private residences. When time is of the essence, the MXT will get you the goods with very little fiddling. I also have an XL Pro that will be buried with me when I finally go. :smile: It's White's best analog detector and is filled with nostalgia and good memories for me having been raised on White's analog machines from yesteryear. But the MXT is still what I reach for when I hunt a private residence, because it is just as deep and has better separation than the XL Pro.

So my two cents is go for the White's 6x10 and stick with your MXT.

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