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MXT and Saltwater Beach
Posted by: mntnflyr4fun
Date: April 08, 2018 09:00PM
I am heading to the Big Island of Hawaii next month and am trying to decide if I want to haul my detector over there.

Two things have me wondering:
1. Is there anything left to hunt on island beaches that most likely have a local crew hitting them every weekend, and
2. Will the MXTPRO handle beach hunting?

I have read lots of stuff that says the MXT may not due to its single frequency, but others say with the salt gnd.settings and a 950 concentric I might do ok.

I have an array of coils to choose from: 13" Ultimate, 950 concentric, 10"dd, 5.3 concentric 4x6 shooter and 8x6 SEF but I personally have no beach experience.

I would be content to sit by the pool with a fruity drink if the detecting idea doesn't pan out....

If anyone has experience hauling their detector to Hawaii wants to chime in I am all ears.........

Re: MXT and Saltwater Beach
Posted by: therover
Date: April 09, 2018 06:15AM
My 2 cents.

My first reaction is to say leave it home and enjoy the sights and sounds of the big island.

If you do decide to take it, as you know the MXT is not water proof so BE CAREFUL.

I have an MXT Pro with 5 coils. I have used the 8x6 SEF in the wet sand here in NJ and found that you can set up the MXT to be serviceable in a pinch. The 8x6 SEF is a great all around coil on an hardly comes off of mine.

Dry sanding may be a better option simply because at any point, hunting the wet sand will cause salt water spray and possibly water to hit the unit. Make sure the control box is covered up. Rinse the shafts and coil with fresh water as soon as possible and wipe down the control box and screen when finished detecting.

Better option may be to see if there are places to rent a unit. You probably will only hunt 1 or 2 times anyway !

I detected in Maui once.......
Posted by: padiggin
Date: April 24, 2018 11:29AM
.....brought my old Tesoro Stingray (this was back in 1995) with me and detected one of the beaches off the beaten trail when I went to Maui. Found LOTS of quarters and jewelry with it. I never tried my MXT on the beach, but I would imagine in dry sand it would do just fine.


Reading, Pennsylvania

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Re: I detected in Maui once.......
Posted by: Willee
Date: April 24, 2018 12:35PM
The mxt will do great in the dry sand and you should find some good things there.
Beaches are replenished every weekend with new stuff being lost.
Daybreak would be the time I would go and stop when the beach started to get busy.
Your chanch of finding a lost gold ring are as good as the locals who most likely will hunt in the water.

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