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Anybody use MXT pro 7 tone ID in relic mode?
Posted by: 40wing
Date: April 17, 2018 10:13PM
Just wondering if anybody uses the MXT pro with 7 tone ID in relic mode? I was warned about switching from that mode back to C&J mode which I guess will make the detector knock out the pull tab range. I don't plan to switch back to C&J mode once in relic 7 tone ID but was wondering if anybody had any problems using the relic 7 tone ID, does that mode still keep the pull tab range? I haven't had a chance to use mine yet. HH

Re: Anybody use MXT pro 7 tone ID in relic mode?
Posted by: Diggindumbstuff
Date: April 22, 2018 05:54PM
I used to use the 7 tone relic mode. Some call Alt mode some call it a trick anyway, a couple years ago for most of the hunting season I used Alt relic and was all about it. My finds increased quite alot. I dont think it discs anything out but just doesn't sound quite right. I never wanted to go back to C&J after that. So not sure on that.
I now use the Alt mode Prospecting with Dual Control to Hyper SAT. At first seemed a little noisy because everything has a tone and VDI. No discriminating out. After discovering this, Relic mode just sounded dumb to me. I will admit that this mode loves bottle caps and some bent nails or old rusty iron with a hole in it. Results vary depending on coil. My finds have greatly increased but so has my dig count.
Sorry it has been a while so hard to remember much and cant test. Had to send to Sweet Home.
Hope this helps a little. Hope more chime in with their experiences cause this truely is what saved my Pro. Detech 8x6 helps too.

I dig with and because of my DAD!

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