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Gmt vs Mxt
Posted by: jimmysierra
Date: May 05, 2006 06:00PM
I am looking at a White GMT or a MXT detector. I am a beginner and will be using it along river banks and sometimes submerging the coil. I know the MXT is a multi-mode detector and that is nice but, I don't want to sacrafice any performance for it. I would appreciate your advice/opinion.

The GMT is the choice for exclusive propecting
Coin hunting with the GMT is overkill and too tedious for most to endure
Prospecting with the MXT puts you in the game for about 80% of what the GMT will hear
So go MXT for multi purpose
Go with GMT for maximum performance on small nuggets
Hope this helps
(excerpt from Jimmy Sierra Archives at

Re: Mxt Questions about Bigfoot on an MXT - Hot Foot better?
Posted by: marcoo
Date: May 06, 2006 02:36AM
Re: Questions about Bigfoot on an MXT - Hot Foot better?

We are wondering?

Re: Mxt Questions about Bigfoot on an MXT - Hot Foot better?
Posted by: jimmysierra
Date: May 09, 2006 05:12PM
Name: Arnie
I own this model: Whites MXT
I have a MXT and I was wondering if the bigfoot coil would be good for searching parks, beaches etc?
What is your opinion on it.

Hi Arnie,
The Bigfoot is a favorite among detectorists for hunting the areas you mention. It really has become quite a legend in its own right. As you note from advetisements, it covers 10 times the ground as a round coil, because of its shape and its ability to send the signal straight down from tip to tip rather than a cone shape which is how a round loop works. It has just slightly less overall depth than the standard .950, but will produce more targets per hour than it will. It works just fine on the MXT, but because of the 2 filter design of an MXT, the front and back of the coil work a bit differently from other units. It is all explained on the flyer which comes with the bigfoot and should also be explained on our website. The design is tried an true, as I mentioned, as we have been making them steadily for more than 12 years. there are those people who would not use anything else. Good luck. Jimmy

Please compare Hot shot and HotFoot coils for depth, soil minerals and sensitivity to small / large nuggets.

Best regards,

Hi Pat,

Good question. The Hotshot is a concentric coil and the Hotfoot is a DD design. larger coils see larger targets better, smaller coils see smaller targets better. DD coils have inherant ground cancelling ability, hence operate quieter in bad ground than concentric coils. Bottom line is that if the ground is really bad, the Hotfoot will be quieter and will give a harder hit on tiny subgrain targets than the Hotshot , it will not, however, give as great a depth on larger pieces as the HotShot.The difference in depth could be as much as an inch or more depending on the target size. The Hotshot coil, on the other hand, will go the deepest, but will not handle really bad ground as well. I use the Hotshot in N.Calif. and N.Nevada. It worked just fine with excellent depth. A friend of mine used it in Alaska this year, and smoked everyone. Only one place we have found that was too hot for it was in the southern desert at a place called Rich Hill. On the other hand because of its very light weight, I have a buddy who uses the hotfoot exclusively because of its weight and ability to see very tiny pieces, which he likes to do. It is your call...

Good luck and thanks for the email,

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