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2005 visit to Texas Lions Camp for Handicap Children
K. Wills
Date: February 24, 2005 10:10AM
As many of you know, this will be our 10th year to visit the handicap children at the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, Texas. Our dates for our visit this year is June 8th & 9th, 2005. This is a Wednesday and Thursday, because the campers start packing for home on Friday. Again it will be held under the horse covered arena and planning coins will be easy to do. I have already ask for donations to these kids in foreign coins and have received a few. These donations is what keeps this activity for the blind, deaf and wheelchaired kids going throughout the summer months. The camp already has plenty of donated metal detectors on the property, donated by manufacturers, dealers and individuals when we first started this annual project. We not only will be introducing the kids to the metal detecting hobby, but will be training their counselors to continue the activity after our visit is over. The camp is nice enough to feed all of us that come down to help the kids each year, free of charge at their dinning hall. In these two days we will see about 200 kids and show them by hands-on, that there is an activity they can enjoy even with their handicap. I can not express to you the look on these children's faces when they find that first foreign coin with a metal detector. Every year the kids love the time we spend with them as does the many employees of the Camp. This is a life-changing-experience and you will be glad you came and help us and/or donated foreign coins for the activity. Everyone is invited to come share in this wonderful and rewarding experience. So put those dates on your calendar, Kerrville has all the major motels in town and great places to eat at. Please consider helping us this year with the children, I know you will receive many thank you'd from the kids and camp personnel.
I will be at the Texas Treasure Show if you wish to donate any foreign coins for the camp kids. Thanks again,
Keith Wills
201 S. Montgomery St.
Gilmer, Texas 75644

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