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They say where there's lead, there's gold.....
Rich in Virginia Beach
Date: February 27, 2005 06:50AM
Man, I should have found a ton of gold because I found a butt load of lead.....both kinds!!
Hit Sandbridge for the afternoon low tide hunt, talked to "Big Rich" for a few minutes, he had a nice amount of clad. I was getting a lot of pennies and dimes, lot's of green so I'm thinking the sand is moving out and the older stuff is showing.
After about an hour, started to get a bunch of lead fishing sinkers, "Oh boy" I said, "Gold is close by" as everyone says if you find lead, gold is close by. Well, I found some more lead, but not the fishing kind; I got some of the shooting kind!!
Found a bunch of .38 special rounds in an area of about 20 yards. Have no idea what the heck these guys are doing in the sand on the beach??? Didn't find a gun, so who knows.
Looks like another east coast storm coming tomorrow so charge your batteries!!!
Good luck,

lead sure does sound good in the headphones - nice day i am heading over to the bay today - good luck
va beach max
Date: February 27, 2005 08:35AM
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