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Re: :detecting::usaflag: Not Your Every-Day Hunt!! A Seven Ring Day!!
Posted by: Cupajo
Date: February 17, 2012 05:11PM
"Was there some erosion on your beach or did you just find a gold hole."

This beach, as most of Connecticuts beaches are, is protected by Long Island from all, but the most severe storms.

Normal tides and winter winds move sand around covering and un-covering my favorite hunting grounds.

The total area I found exposed enough to get at these rings was perhaps the size of a basketball court, but irregular in shape.

Between the sand bar and the low tide line there is an area that is almost totally free of sand.

The rocky base is exposed so that I am able to walk around on "rock bottom" as I hunt.

It's hard digging, but the targets aren't very deep without the sand covering.

All these rings came from an area not more than 30' from low tide water's edge.

Thanks for your replies Friends,


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