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dose anybody here do any swing at sunset beach nc
Posted by: Diggendirt
Date: February 05, 2017 09:16AM
My wife and I another couple go on vacation in June and
Sept. I got out for about 1/2 hour last year. My first time every beach hunting and fell in love with. I did find some clad and a fitbit one.
Thanks for looking :wiggle:

Re: dose anybody here do any swing at sunset beach nc
Posted by: tarajudy
Date: February 16, 2017 03:31AM
I only fresh water lake beach hunt here in VIRGINIA 90% of the time 10% salt water beaches VA. BEACH.
The finds are unreal in the water (AT PRO). LAST SUMMER IN 4 FT. FRESH WATER 1 MENS 14K ROLEX WATCH EST. VALUE 5500.00 IN THIS COND. 10 gold rings 1 plat. 18 gram ring size 11. and junk but not much in deeper water. may coins and a 50.00 dollar bill floating by (I kid you not)
ME 45 YEARS DOING THIS. Tons of coins in the sand and other good things. NO TOT LOTS FOR ME.

Re: dose anybody here do any swing at sunset beach nc
Posted by: Johnho
Date: February 18, 2017 06:36PM
I "hunt" there in the summer quite often. Never had any good luck. You must go out at low tide to have any chance of finding something someone has lost. Back towards the dunes it's pretty tough given all the pull tabs and tent pegs people like to sink in the softer sand so I now stay away from there. I work in a grid pattern by dragging my scoop behind me so I can see where I've covered. Seems most folks have better luck down in Myrtle Beach beaches, even then it is thin it seems. I'm using an ATX. Kids ask a lot of questions and I try to show them how it works to break up the day. They just don't bother me as they do some others, they are curious little buggers so I spend some time with them. We were all kids once, or maybe we still are. Good luck, maybe I'll see you there.

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