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PI detector news - Alexandre Tartar
Posted by: lytle78
Date: June 13, 2017 02:05PM
This guy spent 10 years or so studying and modifying PI detectors - mostly Eric Foster machines. A couple of years ago I came across some posts on the Geotech forum about a new PI detector called the Manta, developed by this Alexandre - who is a physicist and electronics developer (with a good day job!). I sort of filed the info away as the project seemed likely not to be developed into a marketable machine.

About a year ago forum member LeJag sold a Manta prototype on this forum

Fast forward to the end of last week. I had called someone at First Texas to ask a few questions about the AmeriTek program. The conversation got around to when FT would deliver on their much rumored new technology. Of course, I got nothing concrete - I didn't expect that.

Imagine my surprise when - as he started talking about the strength of their engineering team - he mentioned that they had recently hired Alexandre Tartar! Wow.

That tells me a lot. We have all wondered when FT would bring out PI detectors, maybe that day just got closer?

Here's a link to his linkdin page - where it says "Physician" - I think he means "Physicist" - the French word is "Physicien".

Rick Kempf

Re: PI detector news - Alexandre Tartar
Posted by: pistolpete
Date: June 13, 2017 03:56PM
He is a very talented and extremely intelligent individual. Keep your eye on FT....

Re: PI detector news - Alexandre Tartar
Posted by: tvr
Date: June 13, 2017 04:02PM
Sounds like great news!

Re: PI detector news - Alexandre Tartar
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: June 21, 2017 05:49AM
I know Dave wanted to do a waterproof TDI or a disc PI, but got shot down so hes had his own projects. It will be interesting if this combination of talent produces something that pushes ML out of the number 1 seat. Id sure love to see something that challenges whats out there..... not just another F75 or CZ.


CTX, Blue Xcals
Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who'll argue with you.... John Wooden.
D. Meeker

Re: PI detector news - Alexandre Tartar
Posted by: rob5
Date: June 24, 2017 12:02PM
You can see more info about Alexandre Tartar projects:

It is a great news that Alexandre joined First Texas Products.

Re: PI detector news - Alexandre Tartar
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: June 24, 2017 12:55PM
I hope FT will bring out a TDI,waterproof, and on Steroids to show Mr Whites what a mistake they made on their bungled TDI adventure. I guess they were practicing for their MXS launch.LOL

Re: PI detector news - Alexandre Tartar
Posted by: lytle78
Date: June 24, 2017 06:41PM
Here's a video....
A couple of disclaimers,

The guys are in France - they speak French

This is not a product - it's an earlier prototype of the technology which Fisher (First Texas) acquired when they did the deal to hire Alexandre Tartar who designed it.

I think the video is "on the up-and-up" - without any intentional trickery or deception. If Forst Texas weren't convinced that there was something worthwhile there, I'm sure they would never have spent whatever it cost them to acquire this.

This detector is showing the following:

Iron discrimination by silencing iron

Iron detection by distintive "multitone" on iron

'See through" of a gold ring under two rusty nails

"See through" (And non-reaction to) black volcanic sand.

2 foot (more or less) depth on a gold coin at the beach

Rick Kempf

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