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Detector waterproofing/condom?
Posted by: ajf3
Date: July 12, 2017 09:38PM
Hi all,

Just picked up a used Minelab Safari & I'm looking to waterproof it... I've seen the waterproof cases that install on the shaft, and I've also seen the waterproof boxes that can be used in a hipmount arrangement. I think the hipmount isn't ideal with the Safari due to the LCD info & the waterproof case on the shaft is kind of overkill since I'm only at the beach a couple of weeks a year.

SO.. has anyone tried/considered mounting the whole thing in a waterproof bag (similar to below, but would probably need a larger one)? If so, how'd it work out - or why did you decide to not proceed with the idea?

The main issue I'm worried about is scraping under the coil... but I was thinking I could maybe let the coil external and seal the bag around the shaft above the coil - but then I'd have to put a waterproof seal inside the shaft so the water doesn't run up into the inside of the bag/control box.


Re: Detector waterproofing/condom?
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: July 13, 2017 05:54AM
I see disaster in your future. We can barely keep the waterproof machines waterproof. I also believe the machine may float more than you want it to and be uncomfortable or difficult to fit your arm properly.


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Re: Detector waterproofing/condom?
Posted by: ajf3
Date: July 13, 2017 08:47AM
Thanks for the reply! I'd agree with you if I was submersing it... but I forgot to mention that part. Only planning to hunt in the sand/surf like knee deep. The bag was an idea to add some protection above just "being careful". It may still be a hare-brained idea though lol

Re: Detector waterproofing/condom?
Posted by: stephenscool
Date: July 15, 2017 09:37PM
I've tried the vacuum pack bags used for storing clothes or to make more clothes fit into a suitcase. It will eventually fail though and would t recommend it

Re: Detector waterproofing/condom?
Posted by: skateteacher
Date: July 18, 2017 09:18PM
What type of coastline surf/beach are you going to hunt? Where I'm at in SoCal the shore break can be next to impossible to hunt in at times as you can be knee high one second, waist deep the next and have a wave breaking on you the next. All the while the undertow is pull at your coil and scoop while you're trying to concentrate on the target. I do this with a waterproof machine. I can't imagine doing this with a machine in a plastic bag.

Re: Detector waterproofing/condom?
Posted by: ajf3
Date: July 19, 2017 11:43AM
Thanks for the reply, and yeah I should've specified that! I'm talking from a gulf coast Florida perspective, so very gentle waters.

The plan has changed a little, and like I said earlier the intent is to try and add a backup safety net to the "be very careful with a non waterproof detector" approach... I'm not going to treat it like a submersible or anything, just want a little extra peace of mind while at the beach and being risky. I picked up an 11" roll of foodsaver/vacuum seal plastic bag roll. I'm going to cover it from the battery down to the outside of the upper shaft. The backside will be sealed and the upper shaft connection will be duct tape engineered lol. Also going to out a silicone/rubber plug on the inside of the lower shaft (maybe upper shaft too) to try to protect from water running up the inside of the shaft due to the current,

I'll try to add a pic later on... Really looking forward to trying a minelab out on the beach! I've only ever used a Bounty Hunter & then a Fisher F4 prior..

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