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Foreign Exchange
Posted by: Sanderling
Date: October 15, 2018 10:09AM
I meet people from all over the world as I have said in previous posts. Yesterday I met a Russian family with two little boys. I carry some beach "loot" around to give to nice kids and gave each of the boys one of the cars that I had collected. A short time later, as I was making my way down the beach, the two boys came running up to me and offered me the 100 Ruble bill pictured, saying that it was for the cars. I told them that they did not need to pay me, but they were insistent. One of the boys said that they had a lot of them and I accepted their gift. I thought that was really cool of the parents and boys to do that. I usually get smiles and thank yous which is more than enough. Turns out the bill is worth about $1.50 which, coincidentally, is the value of the little cars. HH - make someone's day. They made mine.

Re: Foreign Exchange
Posted by: bootyhoundpa
Date: October 15, 2018 04:52PM

Good day for human behavior. Good post.N/T
Posted by: Dancer
Date: October 21, 2018 02:07PM

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Re: Foreign Exchange
Posted by: Sanderling
Date: October 22, 2018 09:47AM
Thanks for the replies bootyhound and Dancer. A large part of my detecting enjoyment is meeting people and talking about detecting with them.

Re: Foreign Exchange
Posted by: billybones
Date: January 09, 2019 09:31PM
Sometimes when at the beach or park a child will ask.find any treasure mister? I reply ,you never know. then if the timing is right,I will sneak in a dug penny and let the kid find the treasure. you can never forget when a kids eyes lie up. billybones

Re: Foreign Exchange
Posted by: Goldstrike
Date: January 12, 2019 03:10PM
I was detecting a fairly busy beach and I detected a pendant with something like 'My First Visit to Disneyland' on it. After about 10 minutes more of detecting, I got speaking with a Mom and little daughter that were enjoying the beach. Turned out they were from Canada and they had visited Disneyland for the first time just a day or so before! I retrieved the pendant from my finds pouch and gave it to the little girl. Both of them were so happy and grateful!
Like most of you, I've done this before and the memory of doing stuff like that stays with you for a long time!

Re: Foreign Exchange
Posted by: ROBOCOP
Date: January 13, 2019 01:44PM
I think you are soon to be charged with collusion with Russia.

My advice is to just turn yourself in immediately.

Re: Foreign Exchange
Posted by: Sanderling
Date: January 15, 2019 08:12PM
You said it Billybones. My wife and I even scored hugs by two grateful kids we had given "pirate treasure" to. My wife said that she now understood why I liked giving finds away. However not all moms and dads allow their kids to accept things from strangers which is understandable. Like you we have had some fun planting replica coins where kids who are "digging for treasure" will find them.
As Goldstrike said the memory stays with you a long time.

Rococop, you must work for MSNBC or perhaps CNN lol. Have fun out there everyone. We do!

Re: Foreign Exchange
Posted by: JamesBondaka
Date: January 19, 2019 05:28PM
Too bad you couldn't get beer instead.

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