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Need a Detector for Beach/Snorkeling
Posted by: Hoosier81
Date: December 06, 2018 06:58AM
Newbie here my Uncle was on here for years and recommended I ask for advice on here.
I am heading to Indonesia on vacation with my wife in a few weeks and looking to do some detecting on the beach and snorkeling depth.
My Boss (wife) has set my budget to under 300 I found a old Garrett 500 XL on @#$%& with Hand held coil for 150 but needs earphones
But I was also reading on here about the Scuba Tector Which one would be better to get or is there another one I should be looking at at my price range and can fit in luggage?

Re: Need a Detector for Beach/Snorkeling
Posted by: TinCanBeach
Date: December 09, 2018 05:09PM
Can’t make a recommendation for your budget but I can welcome you to the forum. Best of luck!

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Re: Need a Detector for Beach/Snorkeling
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: December 13, 2018 05:41AM
Im not familiar with either of those detectors...... but i can tell you in order to snorkel with them.... they will need to be waterproof and multi freq or PI. Single freq wont work in or near the salt water.

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Re: Need a Detector for Beach/Snorkeling
Posted by: comisoas
Date: December 14, 2018 03:47PM
I love the Scuba Tector. I have used it for 2 summer seasons now at 2 lakes here in NC. To see what I have found, go to my FB page, Goldsboro Treasure Hunting Lounge. After each trip, I took pictures of all that I found. I have a full face snorkel mask and love to get the Scuba Tector in the water!

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