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other than diamonds
Posted by: mike k.
Date: February 23, 2019 04:25PM
Anyone know the value of other precious stones compared to diamonds , that are found in jewelry ? Also where would we sell them ? - mike

Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: RichW
Date: February 24, 2019 01:10PM
I've heard good quality rubies are the most expensive of the precious stones. As far as where to sell them, I'm struggling with that now. I have a few good rings on consignment at a local jewelry store. Seems the better the ring the harder it is to sale. Really nice rings are harder to sale these days. Also a lot of buyers (especially women) don't want a used ring. If you discount them enough from their appraised value someone will eventually buy them but it is a long slow process because you just don't want to give them away. (except maybe family). Much easier to get rid of cheaper gold and silver rings. You can always melt those down and pull the stones out if all else fails. I'm hearing there's not much of a market for small diamonds now.

Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: Dancer
Date: February 25, 2019 06:33AM
The fact is , the mark-up on diamonds & Jewelry are tremendous. Walk out of the store with a new ring, huge loss in value. So much so the younger crowd isn't biting. I haven't seen many busy Jewelry shops around. Reminds me of the video stores, gone. What's is in (unfortunately) for us are Thousand dollar cell phones & Tattoos. Getting a good price on a find is really tough. Not impossible, but tough.

Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: Fishers Ghost
Date: February 25, 2019 04:33PM
I agree. Here in Australia the sale of high qual and large natural gems has dropped dramatically. Now what I see is a huge increase in the sale of man made/ created gems to the general public.
Some of our top line jewellers that in the past would never under any circumstances display or sell man made gems are now selling these items. A sign of the times I guess.

Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: February 25, 2019 07:04PM
To get an idea of what diamonds are really worth, investigate what you can get for them when you pull them from a find. The answer seems to be that unless it is at least a third of a karat, no one will pay you anything for them. Rubies are almost a career in themselves. Even unaltered, there is an amazing variety of types.

My local coin guy who scraps gold has a small vial of a few dozen assorted stones from rings and earrings that I keep trying to trade him out of. Theres a few nice red stones in there but I haven't pushed it so far as to look at them under a handlens. He knows I may be able to tell what they are and it would drive the price up, so I am taking a shot in the dark.

To answer the OP, probably the easiest (and maybe most lucrative) thing you can do is sell them on something like the e auction site whose name will not be named here or craigslist. People overpay all the time there. If you need to know what you really have, getting appraisals is the best way. For the least best way, post pics here and see what the hive mind has to say. Be sure to include something so we can judge scale on your pics.

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Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: February 26, 2019 11:09AM
I have two diamond rings that I paid a Gemologist to give me a written appraisal. The smaller of the two was appraised at $2800. I asked what should I ask in a private sale for the ring. She said Half of my appraisal. Having the written appraisal was instrumental in making the sale.

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Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: Ron Lord
Date: March 01, 2019 05:07AM
An ALEXANDRITE is far more valuable than any Diamond or Ruby . A 1 kt Alexandrite will cost around $ 65,000, A 1 kt Diamond will cost $10,000

Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: Fishers Ghost
Date: March 02, 2019 06:22PM
Agreed; Alexandrite is king...If you like alexandrite. I have a nice 8Ct Alexandrite with fine red green colour change......Too bad it is a fake. :cry:
A top 1 carate Argile pink diamond will set you back more than 65,000. A good 0.5ct will set you back around 170,000 AUD

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Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: stoneshirt
Date: March 20, 2019 01:41PM pretty spendy.

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Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: Johnny5
Date: March 20, 2019 05:16PM
Ammolite and Australian Opal aren't bad either.

Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: okara gold
Date: March 22, 2019 03:50PM
The only stones I find are Leaverite… (Leave 'er right where you found it !) :lol:

Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: El
Date: March 23, 2019 09:53AM
Re: other than diamonds
Posted by: LawrencetheMDer
Date: April 13, 2019 04:54PM
At diamond jewelry auctions, everything starts at 10% of appraisal. I have bought wife, friends and family nice 1-2 ct diamonds (E-I color, VS1 - I2) for 20-30%. FYI

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