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OC Maryland
Posted by: stateguyt
Date: June 22, 2019 07:41PM
Heading to ocean city for July 4,
I herd it’s a big place and was wondering if anyone call give me idea where to hunt at the ocean
Looking for area that has a lot of people. The hotels can only hold so many.

Re: OC Maryland
Posted by: OldBeechnut
Date: June 22, 2019 09:49PM
I like from the inlet, north to 20th street. Water can be brutal there, best to hunt early morning (waters calmer) or late evening (brutal). Midday, just too many people on the beach. Beach is normally slopped good in that area, so hunt the slope, I like hunting just below the black sand vein. Last few years they were making people leave the beach at 12:01 AM and no one was allowed back on till after 4 AM..just a heads up if you plan on night hunting. Traffic is really bad between 4 and 8pm,... parking..can be done for free on the main drag...Philadelphia Ave...............................................
any curb that is red... No Parking

Best hunting is setting yourself up with hightide around 1pm, that way your lowtides are evenings. Bathers are forced to stay in close when it's high tide, then you have a better chance of gold or silver with more area at lowtide.

My last trip was there a few years ago, 3 days I got two gold rings. My buddy Scott got two also, but one of his was a gold coin ring, very nice. We would park up around 16th street on Phil Ave, then walk over two blocks to the ocean...I would catch the tram south to the inlet, then hunt back up...the tram runs from 28th street to the inlet. 2 dollars, I think.

Best to take your strongest detector, the Nox can not take the waves that OC offers up.

Good Luck and let us know how you do, and be careful.

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