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Coin and relic dredge, who has used it?
Posted by: jevgenijss
Date: July 19, 2007 03:58PM
Thinking about get one or build , but is it worth it? Will be great to talk about it with person who has experience with that. I'm inspired by keene 3" coin&relic dredge. It has also compressor for hookah.

Re: Coin and relic dredge, who has used it?
Posted by: TNBob
Date: December 29, 2007 07:02PM
I have dredged for gold since 1999 and I have never been able to catch coins in a dredge. I have caught alot of gold, nuggets and fine, Lead shot and bullets and alot of heavy black sand and mineralized material. I tested my 4 inch dredge with a handfull of pennies and got NONE of them in the sluice. The basket on the end would catch them but you will catch alot of rocks and sink the dredge. It might catch silver coins up top in the sluice if you use a large enough screen and some high riffles. You would have to dredge slowly and you should see any coins underwater while you are dredging. You might want to try gold dredging. There is gold in most every state except KY and it is very rewarding but very hard work moving rocks. Might be easier to just metal detect under water while diving for coins. I havent found any coins while diving.

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