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minelab sd 2100 ?
Posted by: grumpy
Date: December 08, 2010 01:09PM
Can anyone tell me if the older (dont know how old?) model sd 2100 machine is a good machine to prospect with? THe price for a beginner in pi machines is considerable over a 4500. Is there 3000 worth of improvements ?
Thanks much for the help

Re: minelab sd 2100 ?
Posted by: Digger Bob
Date: December 08, 2010 03:03PM
It is a great machine for prospecting! Overall depth hasn't increased much with the newer models. Just bells and whistles that make it easier to use and detect smaller gold, so yes there is some merit to them.

However, that being said, the biggest dis-advantage to the 2100 is that if something goes wrong, more than likely it can't be repaired. Minelab says some parts just aren't available any more for such an old machine. Plus the Minelab service department overall does not have a stellar record.

Buyer beware!

Digger Bob

Posted by: Digger Bob
Date: December 08, 2010 03:05PM
Take a close look at the Whites TDI for a starter PI. Many advantages over a newer Minelab and less money.

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