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Re: does anyone know anything about the bazooka gold sluice
Posted by: calibil
Date: April 29, 2017 11:13PM
I gotta tell ya all

Yes I have been sluicing nor Cal creeks and rivers for years, the bazooka works very well, no classifying, shovel, dump
And go, I put some small hog mat toward the top 1/3 so I could instantly see if there was any gold commin down, the smaller
Miner model tends to get somewhat plugged, but a gentel tap with the shovel removes most obstructions, if you use the lager model and water
Flow is good shovel till your heart's content don't worry about losing small gold it will retain the gold , just dump heaps in.
My mining partner who primarily uses a high banker was SURPRISED by how much material I could processe with relative ease.
The cost, estimated for the bazooka may seem high but well makes up for the time having to screen 1/2 inch mesh for a regular riffle
Type aluminum box (you know what type ) LESS time bent over classifying means more shovel time.
More time shoveling means more productive sluice time!!!!!!! Get it, HIGH VOLUME!!!!!!
Do the math, to 1/2 inch screen into a 5 gal bucket 25 sec. X 50 times = 20 min or so depending on your ability, sure you can
Do better, but the point I'm trying to make is use your time to the upmost and you will see ,more time to hike to the next area
A longer break, less back work ect . fill in the blank.
As a plus, the addition of correct hog mat will help trap diamonds, that's right miner friends the other BLING!!!!!

I heard they went under
Posted by: tvanwho
Date: May 01, 2017 11:39PM
I heard on another forum the company was for sale or no longer in business? Sure hope its not true? I own the mini and the Prospector.That mini is the easiest sluice to set up of all the ones I've ever owned
and catches gold so fine I can barely see it. Both sluices need fast water flow to work best. I had my mini working alongside another guy with a GoldHog highbanker and I was doing better than him and no gasoline needed
and I was shoveling into the Mini, no classify at all. And easy to clear rocks with the tip of my shovel. I added 4 legs to my Prospector so can use it in deeper water up to 18 inch.

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