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Sov GT very impressive in heavy mineralised ground
Posted by: Tony
Date: May 20, 2005 12:15AM
Just thought I'd post some information regarding my new GT that I have tested in heavy ironstone ground.
I live in Perth, Western Australia and have tested my GT in the infamous West Aussie ironstone fact, I have an ironstone (pea-gravel) pathway down the side of my house and this is where I tested the Sov's what happened.

1. The detector was inoperable in amount of SENS reduction (AUTO or fully clockwise) or slow sweeping the coil would work...the GT saw the ground as one large iron target and constantly nulled when the coil approached the ground, however,....

2. In ALL METAL, and after ground balancing (TRACKING) and then FIXING, I was able to easily detect over this bad ground with a reasonably smooth threshold. My target was a US nickel (similar conductivity properties to gold)...this was buried at the full depth of the pathway (about 4"). The GT gave a great signal on it with the coil just brushing the surface and still produced a definite threshold change with the coil 5" ABOVE the ground...very impressive. I was still able to run SENS at max without any problems so the TRACKING really works well.

I would have great confidence gold prospecting with this unit even over here, where the ground is about as bad as it gets. Next test is to bury the nickel at 8" or 9".


PS Reg Sniff (PI guru) knows what I mean !!

Re: Sov GT very impressive in heavy mineralised ground
Posted by: alaskaseeker
Date: May 20, 2005 12:24PM
Mines gonna get a trial this weekend think I will give the GP a rest for a while anyway going to meet a friend in Dawson Gold Show this eekend but we are going to hunt so I think its time for the GT to earn its keep. Got one Dink last weekend with the GP, then put on the new coil to give it a try think, I'm gonna like the new Platypus seems to be very lite and it is sensitive...Hh...Geo

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