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Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 17, 2015 07:39AM
I am looking to buy yet another nugget shooter. I already own an Infinium and an AT Gold. Here is my question -

What do the kHz rating on these detectors have as an advantage/disadvantage. Will the 71kHz of the GB2 give me more advantage than the 17.8 kHz of the Lobo?

I like the ground balance of the Lobo, it is built in and self adjust. Seems like a big advantage. At the same time, to have the manual GB of the GB2 could be of importance at times.

Also, the GB2 seems to be a bit harder to deal with and needs more user knowledge to get tuned and running more smoothly. From my research I think the Lobo runs much more smoothly with less user manipulation.

Aside from the money, what would you choose?

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Jim in Idaho
Date: September 17, 2015 08:40AM
If the ground mineralization allows it, the higher freq of the GB2 has it all over any other VLF detector when it comes to finding tiny gold. If you really want to know if there is gold in the area, get the GB2.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 17, 2015 01:17PM
Thanks Jim - Since posting here I have been on Steve Herschback's site. I would recommend his site to anyone thinking about getting a gold machine. Steve gave a little attention to the Lobo and quite a bit more attention to the GB2. I am leaning toward the GB2 after reading his reports. The smaller coils for the GB2 do quite well finding the crumbs and with the bigger coils the GB2 does ok finding the bigger deeper nuggets.

I realize, at this point, the GB2 is the machine that would fit with my other two as the niche machine for small shallow crumbs. If it had a "Life time warranty" (which is why I was thinking of the Lobo) the GB2 would be even better.

Which ever machine I buy, I can always get the other later on. That's just what beepers do!

Thanks Jim!

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: machineman
Date: September 17, 2015 11:19PM
The GMT is another good option and has ground tracking. Just a thought

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 18, 2015 05:32AM
Thanks Machineman - I don't know why the GMT was not on my radar. According to Steve's report, this machine is really what I'm looking for, a steep learning curve but a top gold hunting machine. Lots of features, knobs, buttons, switches with manual adjustments that can be made.

So, the Lobo is out of here - GB2 or GMT - that is the question now. Leaning toward the GMT. (GMT better at locating deeper, larger gold but finds the crumbs as well as GB2)

Time to do some home work.

and again, Thanks!

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Jim in Idaho
Date: September 18, 2015 10:34AM
Not much of a learning curve with the GMT. In most situations, you just set the controls at the factory-marked positions, and go. You can use manual ground balance, or auto-tracking. It's a fairly simple, straightforward unit.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 18, 2015 03:19PM
I've settled on the GMT. Maybe the knobs, switches and buttons intimidate me more than they should.

When reading Steve's report it sounded like there are manual settings and tweaks that can be made, allowing for the machine to run smoother in hot ground or cold ground. (hot and cold rocks or heavy mineralized ground)

It does sound like I can set to factory settings and hunt. I would like to have the talent to tweak this machine. Maybe I could finally have a nice smooth running machine, which I don't get with my current models, not for a while now.

The GMT looks awesome with the under cuff control box and then the LCD screen above the grip. Can't wait to have it in my hands. It's like the Lobo and the GB2 rolled into one. 48 kHz is exciting!

Thanks for your input Jim -

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Jim in Idaho
Date: September 18, 2015 04:24PM
I really like mine. I prefer the more analog controls. As you learn it, you'll get your own ideas where you want the controls set. Some ground is consistent enough that you can run in manual GB. Most serious gold guys prefer that. Good Luck!

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: machineman
Date: September 18, 2015 04:38PM
Glad I could help. My brother has one and I have used it a lot. They are not that hard to use and are really great nugget shooters. We have both found gold with his. I have a gold bug pro now and am liking it also. I think the GMT is a better nugget detector though.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 19, 2015 05:36AM
I'm happy I took the time to make this post here. I have been focussed on the GB2 and the Lobo for a couple months now, combing the forums for info and looking at the light weight and ease of operation, depth, ability to find the small and of course, price.

One of the underlying facts is, I want to move away from Garrett. After all, haven't "we", as end user's, been doing a bunch of R&D for that company?

This is one time I am glad I listened and took advice from knowing fellow hunters. There are so many options and claims of "the best" out there it is daunting to try to switch brands. I thank all who helped me here on this forum and, also, a tip of the hat to Steve Herschback for his wonderful site.

So, I am off to White's. I will order the GMT the first of next week. I will use it extensively to learn the machine and if there are problems with it running smoothly - back it will go. I don't think there will be problems, I'm just tired of the struggle with chattery, faulting machines. I have learned my lesson to that respect and I have up to 30 days to return the purchase with money back. (when ordered online with a card)

Heck - the only "claim" the GMT has to meet is, it must run smoothly. If it does that I can live with the machine not meeting the other "claims". If it's not quite as deep or if it can't find the super small, I can live with that as long as I can hear the deep and the small on a smooth threshold.

Now I'm off to watch White's video series on youtube - very exciting learning a new machine! Visions of gold without frustrations -

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: jamesinwesttexas
Date: September 19, 2015 01:48PM
Steve also did a comparison between the gmt and the mxt and concluded that for "nuggets" from 2 grains up [480 grains in 1 oounce] the mxt is probably the better unit because it runs smoother in mineralized ground and handles hot rocks better.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: salmonriverhotrock
Date: September 19, 2015 06:20PM

Some of the info I've read through time seems to indicate the Whites GM series can nip at the heels of a GB, particularly when using the small DD coil. I can only say that I have and use the GMT and GM V-SAT machines so my experience with a GB is none but out of a basic knowledge of metal detecting and considerable years of detecting, I have no doubt the GB shines in the right hands and earthly conditions it was designed for. My decision to go the White's GM direction was cost and the frequency is at a place in between most of the other machines or in another way of thinking about it with additional coil options, is capable of detecting tiny as well as larger Gold. The other reason is, many areas known for Gold have been worked over and over since the Rush days and Spaniards not to forget the very thorough Chinese miners so unless you are wealthy and or are privileged enough to enter or own a producing claim, most Gold is going to be pretty small or in the Tiny range. I suppose the exception is Mother nature allows some new bed rock to become exposed by seismic or weather events and you are the first one there or enough of a flash flood or spring run-off moves and deposits some new Gold and in many areas of the West, the drought has not helped that very much. Most of the open public land producing areas have been worked over hard but I'm not saying it's impossible to find anything because now and then people do. The other thing is, these same areas are being hit with the newer PI machines so to go deeper for the big enough to detect but were missed by the other machines like the GB's and GM's. I really look for a day that it's just pretty much over for the average just want to find one nugget in your life kind of guy. Though I live in a Gold area of Idaho, I have yet to electronically find any Gold on public lands or streams. Both machines though easily find very tiny lead bird shot and very tiny fragments of bullets along with the boot tacks you read about and such. I even use to check myself and the settings a 0 .5 grain (not gram) piece of Gold and up to 3 grains.

My experience has been mostly with manual adjust machines detecting by ear and I pretty much live and breath that way of detecting but the computerized GMT has been a pleasure to run in Auto or Manual settings. These are not limited to prospecting either as I have used both to detect coins at our local river beaches. Along the Salmon River here, I have found many coins the other machines have missed but even tiny new very sharp fish hooks and left behind tent stakes come out of the sand swinging an all metal machine. I know the GM V-SAT is old and the GMT has been around a number of years now but I will not part with either one and I'm sure I would say the same if it were the GB.

Robert of Idaho
Veteran U.S. Marine Corporal

Fisher F2 w/ 4" & 8" , and 11" DD Bi-Axial 5.9 kHz coils
BH Pioneer 505 w/ 4"& 8" 6.8 kHz coils
Garrett Freedom II Coin Commander w/ 7-1/2" Deepseeker 5.5 kHz coil
Falcon MD-20 Gold Tracker 300 kHz 1" coil
White's GoldMaster V/SAT w/ 6" X 10" Long Scan, 6" X 10" Twin DD, & GM Shooter 4" X 6" DD 48-50 kHz coils
White's GMT w/ 6" X 10" Twin DD 48 kHz coil
Keene A52 Sluice Box
Keene Classifiers
Garrett Gold Pan/Classifier kit
Blue Bowl concentrator
Two very old iron Mortar & Pestles

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 19, 2015 08:01PM
Jamesinwesttexas - If you go to " Steve's guide to metal detectors" on his site, he does a review on both machines. He mentions the fact that it runs smoother in ground with lots of hot rocks. For me, that is not a big concern as long as I can identify the hot rocks from the gold. The GMT is very good at doing that. As long as the threshold runs smooth in between the hot rocks, I could live with that one minor difference.

White's has a video series on youtube. A guy named Jim (I forget his last name) gives a good demo of the machine working in ground with hot rocks and how to overcome them. The machine ran smoothly between the rocks (with fast threshold recovery) and gave an audio tone different than a nugget.

Here's my question around Steve's claim of the MXT running smoother - by rejecting the hot rocks does the MXT lose depth? And also, does the MXT, if tuned to reject those rocks, lose ability to find crumbs as small as the GMT? Steve says, "the GMT rivals the GB2 at finding the "crumbs". So, which machine finds the crumbs better? MXT running at 14.7 kHz - the GMT running at 48 kHz or the GB2 running at 71 kHz?

Also, the MXT is a "general use" machine. I want to go with a gold machine - there must be a reason for the design being better suited for the task
but I'm no expert for sure so can't answer that.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: steve herschbach
Date: September 20, 2015 12:26AM
The GMT and Gold Bug 2 are extremely, and I mean extremely close on gold weighing 1/10th grain (1/4800th ounce) or less. When pressed I give the Gold Bug 2 the nod but it is getting pretty hair splitting.

That kind of hots on gold tends to also light up the hot rocks, and the MXT at the lower frequency takes some of the edge off in that regard, but also at giving up a bit of sensitivity to the sub grain gold.

This is all very dependent on the exact ground you are dealing with and the nature of the gold itself. Anyone looking for black and white answers has to realize reality in this case is shades of gray. Operator expertise can easily push the game one way or the other.

There are many variables people don't even consider that matter and are personal choice things. How the audio sounds on one versus the other. The Gold Bug 2 can be hip or chest mounted. Maybe that matters to somebody and not to others. They are all very good detectors and the GMT and Gold Bug 2 will deliver almost identical returns in my hands. The MXT I would recommend more for those willing to perhaps sacrifice just a small bit of an edge on tiny gold to get the extra versatility offered for coin, jewelry, and relic detecting.

Minelab GPZ 7000, Gold Monster 1000, Equinox 800; Makro Gold Racer; White's V3i/Bigfoot; Garrett Carrot; Sun Ray Pro Gold

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 20, 2015 05:42AM
Thanks Steve, I was hoping you would check in here. Also, thanks for your great web site! A fortune in info there.

There are 3 major functions with these gold machines that need to be understood. Discrimination, Sensitivity (or gain with the GMT) and Threshold. From what I have learned, learning and using these functions correctly is critical for success. Many variables are mixed in, depending on the ground being hunted, size of gold, depth of gold and amount of trash in the ground. All in all, I feel the GMT would be the machine that would give me the best results with these variables. Ground balance is also very important and must be accomplished for good results. The GMT can get that job done either manually or in auto track.

Yes, I can simply set to factory settings and hunt but I want to build the confidence of being able to solve any nuances that might arrive on any particular ground being hunted. Time hunting is an investment and at the end of the day, even if no gold is found, it is important, for me, to go away feeling satisfied - not frustrated with the machine (like my current models) - knowing I have no doubt that it is time to move to new ground because confidence in the machine and my abilities showed me, well, there is no gold at that location.

I feel the GMT will do that for me. But it all depends on my abilities.

I like this quote, "the best detector ever made is the one that was just purchased". True or not it is the beginning of building confidence but the user must never dismiss their own abilities to use that machine.

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