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Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: jamesinwesttexas
Date: September 20, 2015 01:14PM
Au79, I agree, the GMT has to be the better machine for those shallow, tiny pieces of gold, therefore the "better" gold machine since most gold is that size and smaller. But, and I should post the link, the gmt/mxt comparison Steve made seems to conclude that if you are hunting for 2 grain and larger nuggets, then the mxt is the better machine for the job. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Interesting discussion.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: au79
Date: September 21, 2015 04:38AM
jamesinwesttexas -

In his post on this thread Steve said, "That kind of hots on gold tends to also light up the hot rocks, and the MXT at the lower frequency takes some of the edge off in that regard, but also at giving up a bit of sensitivity to the sub grain gold".

So, you are right in quoting Steve's review of the MXT. But, my choice for going with the GMT is for the higher kHz - to find the sub-grain gold. The higher kHz of the GMT does make it more sensitive to hot rocks. I feel, from watching and reading, those rocks can be dealt with. This is where I am challenged with any machine tho and getting a machine to run smoothly, with a fast threshold recovery, is so important. Also tone ID with the GMT is very dependable. Plus, with all the hunting I have done I have never been in hot rocks so bad I couldn't identify them, always knowing what they are. Just having a machine that can work with those hot rocks with a smooth threshold is what I'm after.

Like Steve said, "it's a grey area, it's like splitting hairs".

The MXT handles the hot rocks better but you lose sensitivity to the small. User skill with the GMT can overcome the hot rocks and find the crumbs. Now all I have to do is learn how to tweak the GMT like, like , like Steve. I've got some studying and some swinging to do.

Also, I found it very interesting, while reading one of Steve's reports, that the SAT feature in these machines require a dedicated swing speed in order to get best results, depending on how high or low the SAT (self adjusting threshold) is set. He stressed the importance of this function. To fast and you lose the small, to slow you lose the deep. So, SAT and swing speed will be my first focus then move on to ground balance and learning the tones this machine makes.

What's exciting is - while I'm learning I will be finding stuff!!! I will be out in the wild and experiencing nature. Man, I love this hobby!

Happy Hunting all!!!

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: jamesinwesttexas
Date: September 21, 2015 12:26PM
AU79, I'm sure you've chosen the best machine available for your purpose. I know I altered somewhat the intent of your thread, but always interesting. Thanks for posting. Best of luck.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: tvanwho
Date: September 25, 2015 07:59PM
I have both detectors. Air test on a 1.6 grain Indiana gold nugget, GB2 with 6 inch coil gets it at 4.5 inch, LST with 3 x 7 coil, at 2.5 inches-both machines using built in speaker, no headphones. LST with the 3 x 7 coil got a quartz/gold specimen at Ganes creek ,AK at 5 inches as a whisper signal with headphones. Its a small acorn size bit of white quartz with seams of gold in it.
LST has full discrimination, makes a great coin detector, and jewelry finder, especially in tot lots and shallow swim areas, even gets silver and gold chains a couple inches deep. VCO audio gives faint sound for deeper targets, loud for shallow targets, iron washers and some bottlecaps can be disc out by sound alone with a super tight, hard to pinpoint beep, vs coins and rings are more mellow and easier to pinpoint with 9x8 or 8 inch round coils.
LST max coin depth at 8 inch unless you tweak it .....mens gold rings at 12 inch ,no problem, in all metal, at the beach...

-Tom V.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Texadillo
Date: September 26, 2015 09:35AM
The Lobo ST can come in real handy when the search for gold nuggets leads you to an old abandoned mining camp full of trash with hopefully some goodies. Most of those old camps are littered beyond belief and the ED-180 discriminate circuitry on the LST could add some nice relics/tokens/coins to your poke:detecting: Best of luck on your decision...they are all good units!

Experiencing the adventure a lot of times will be your best find!

Unlike the common armadillo...I cover my holes and leave no trace.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: onemoreswing
Date: October 28, 2015 11:21PM
Get a T2 with the 5" coil, it is the best vlf ever on nuggets, remember Dave J designed the Lobo 20 some years ago and the T2 about 8 years ago, if you do get a Lobo its biggest advantage is concentric coil use, like a 6" at the beach is a jewelry pig and bottle caps dont exist because the disc on the lobo is still the best ever !
But for real the Lobo is hot but the T2 will out push it and when you hit a hot rock you geta nice BoinG !, and a nugget zips with dancing id numbers, and most bullets lock on an id number, crisp audio that you get in tune with very quickly !

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Mxt Sniper
Date: November 02, 2015 12:45PM
I agree with Jim in Idaho, get the GB2, its chattery until you can master its controls, but it will pick out any gold down to below a grain in weight easily in gold producing areas. If you don't want chattery, get a pi, much quieter in gold country. I have both and use em both in different areas.

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: MassSaltH2O
Date: September 08, 2016 04:07PM
Finding much?
I've had an MXT, and I have a Gold Bug 2,
but I think Minelabs are the best.
HH Kev :minelab:

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Grumpie
Date: January 09, 2017 10:11AM
Not that it makes a bit of difference to some but I can't get my Tesoro lobo st to pick up a signal on a #9 birdshot at any distance, it litterly has to be rubbing against the coil to get any type of signal. On the other hand my Nokta Fors gold plus will hit on it hard out to 2" with the 5.5 x10 DD coil. Just food for thought.
I don't think there is a need for a GB2 unless you are looking for a louder hit on crumbs. The 19khz detectors are pretty dern good on the small stuff

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Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Grumpie
Date: January 09, 2017 10:25AM
The other thing about the 19khz detectors they will go deeper on bigger low conductive targets like gold and not affected by the mineralized soil like the GB2. The 19khz also makes a great dual purpose machine which is good because it means more practice. The fors gold plus would be a good primary nugget detector where the GB2 is a specialized machine

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Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: tomtowns
Date: January 19, 2017 11:53AM
I've been through a lot of detectors...I've even owned several PI detectors... never owned a Tesoro....BUT there is no way I'd ever get rid of my's the standard by which all other gold specific detectors are compared to.
That should give you a clue...and it's been around a long long time...

Re: Gold Bug 2 or Lobo ST
Posted by: Tom Slick
Date: February 18, 2017 10:03AM
I hope you realize you're responding to a post from 2015?

42 years detecting, ex White's dealer.
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