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New Weather Resistant System for the Minelab GPX!
Posted by: BootyHunter
Date: March 08, 2017 08:45PM
So after the first few hunts and dealing with inclement weather and bagging our GPX's my good friend and hunting partner and myself new there had to be a better way. We discussed it and kicked around ideas on one of our 5+ hour rides home after a hunt. We both decided to come up with designs and then we would move forward. After a month, we looked at each others ideas and his was clearly the superior design, so we assembled them and have used them for 2 years in all kinds of inclement weather. They have worked flawlessly. See the Video for details, but they protect against rain, snow, mud, dirt and dust and are field deployable in less than 1 minute. They stay on your machine all the time and can be deployed or rolled up out of the way. They are super light weight and do not add any weight to the machine. These work with the Goldscreamer set up as well as the stock battery. Please watch the video for details. Since these have worked so well, we have decided to make these for sale.
Don't trust a $4000+ detector to .50 cents worth of plastic bags! A good chunk of the cost is materials.
You can see the video here:

My YouTube page is Bootyhunter1971, Please check it out and. Like and Subscribe!!

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