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Posted by: Flintstone
Date: June 13, 2017 01:49PM
Went dredging yesterday and dang deer flies and bugs about eat me up. I put on spray and that just made the flies worst. What do you use to keep them off your head? Did find some gold, not much but enough to keep the fever away.

Re: Dredging
Posted by: Mudwhale
Date: August 04, 2017 06:07PM
Go to a sporting or outdoor store near you and buy Sawyer brand Permethrin. Spray it on your clothes and let them dry. (I throw mine in the dryer) It will last for about 6 washes. Hear in the NE we have ticks to worry about big time. I watch them crawl on my pants and just fall off dead. Flies won't go near you and will just hover. I've had Lyme disease here and take this stuff serious!

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