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gold monster m/l
Posted by: calibil
Date: August 07, 2017 04:32PM
Just some info on the GM at the beach

I thought most of you gold hounds would see my post here

Tried the machine out at a salt water beach, for testing, with stock larger coil.

Well here goes

Dry sand works great no problems will find coins in the 9 in range 90% power
Damp sand all metal mid / low setting some falsing ( in all metal the meter works )
Wet sand, all metal some falsing , run in all metal with auto ground + surprise it ran pretty quiet.
A brisk coil sweep, the iron meter is very accurate, the GM is a quick response target machine ( mxt ect. )
Not too much contemplating to dig or not, meter + dig meter - no dig (da)

For you beep and dig folks that are used to the Tessoro's sound the GM sound reacts similarly to small foil, scratchy
Uneven , not smooth. Small gold chain is a solid coin like sound ( that's good )
I was primarily testing for chains ( gold 14k small link 5in/silver 925 small link ) that most machines can't find ( even in an air test ), or sound like trash.
Small balled up foil sound solid, but can easily be kicked aside.
Just had my test chains burried 4-6 inches no problem detecting them wet / dry
One of the few machines that can find small gold chains at the beach is the whites GMZ, or the GMT both of which have a
Setting for salt/iron that does raise the gb enough to quiet down the falsing somewhat but lowers the detectability.
If specific looking for gold or silver chains at the beach the GM excells quiet well for a single frequency VLF.

Re: gold monster m/l
Posted by: MattBullSummerville
Date: August 08, 2017 08:49PM
Thanks for the report Calibil. Was going to take mine couple of days ago to locate a ring a vacationer from Ohio lost but wasn't sure if I was going to have to go in the water. Took my MX sport instead and found the ring on the high side of a tidal pool at low tide while the water was out. Shipped the ring back today, happy endiing.

Re: gold monster m/l
Posted by: calibil
Date: August 09, 2017 07:46PM
mighty nice not to pirate thart ring matey

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