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5 geologic signs to look for when out prospecting for gold?
Posted by: Grumpie
Date: November 18, 2018 09:03AM
When looking for a new location to prospect what are 5 of the most important geologic signs you look for in a new location? I'm sure 5 different geologist would all have the same ideas but how about the everyday recreational prosecutor? Do you all just stay in areas you know that produce gold? Or do you leave gold to prospect other areas?

Re: 5 geologic signs to look for when out prospecting for gold?
Posted by: Grumpie
Date: November 20, 2018 08:51AM
Come on folks let's talk about quartz outcroppings and granite, smooth round heavy rocks vs coarse. How about diorite, feldspar and locations where its found and other clues to help lead us to find the yellow stuff. How about ravines with bedrock gold traps,inside bends and benches and old signs of diggings.

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Re: 5 geologic signs to look for when out prospecting for gold?
Posted by: okara gold
Date: November 24, 2018 06:46AM
You know the old saying "Don't leave gold to find gold". But I have done this many times with the thought that I can always go back to the ground that was producing. I like to prospect and see new areas! The excitement of finding a new patch is what always drove me on. These searches were primarily in AZ. Some things I always look for... From a distance, look for areas of red soil that stand out from the surrounding area. These might be an indicator of oxidized iron rich and hopefully gold bearing soils. Hunt any saddles on hills that may have caught gold from eroding veins. Always look underfoot for areas of the most mix of rock types, quartz, hot rocks, vuggy, rotten iron stained quartz, granite, etc. These groupings of mixed media has paid off more than you can imagine. They also cause a metal detector the most grief! If trekking through areas of exposed schist look for any tiny veins of quartz. The same goes for granite outcroppings with quartz contact zones. Look for any signs of old workings in washes. Mainly rocks stacked along sides of small washes. These prospects (my favorite) often contain gold nuggets mixed in with the over burden shoveled out of the wash. In the haste for the old prospectors to get to bedrock, many nuggets were shoveled out behind the wall of rocks. Tear the walls down and start hunting. Beware of snakes, scorpions, and black widows all hiding out in the cavities of the walls. I like tarantulas so I won't mention them. LOL Don't forget to rake down any OLD dry wash piles. Preferably those with an abundance of vegetative growth, another favorite!
Good luck!

Re: 5 geologic signs to look for when out prospecting for gold?
Posted by: Pyledriver
Date: December 11, 2018 03:11PM
All of the above! Then there are also anomalies like a patch of nuggets found on a hillside in loose overburden, not red or anything eye-catching. We’re still trying to figure out where it came from! Further up, huh? It dang sure didn’t go uphill from the wash! Lol.. Dense vegetation limits us the further uphill you go, but there are some outcroppings way up that we haven’t made it to yet. So far we’ve been busy with what we find in the washes where it’s easier than the steep hillsides. But soon we’ll be side-hilling with our detectors again and hopefully solve the mystery!

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