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DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: amberjack
Date: June 15, 2016 10:40AM
got my new DFX today and 1st up some z^gg on the buttons and screen.

then on to the battery's who knows how safe the charger and near on 10 year old battery's are/were.

so I commence to fiddle have a battery addiction too comes from detectors and torches I like torches.

anyway I have 3 x 18650 battery holders laying around will one fit in the rechargeable pack ?? well lets find out ??

so out with the old battery's which were discussing by the way.

so I see if the 3 pack will fit, maybe :biggrin: out with the dremel tool and start grinding the little knobs for the AA size battery's that hold them in place. still a bit too small keep grinding there's plenty of plastic there to take away.

so I get enough plastic out of the rechargeable pack to fit the 3 pack in and it will fit in the DFX made me smile :bouncy:

so solder the plus/negative wires on and put 3 battery's in pop it in the detector even bigger smile it works :clapping:

so those are just my head light battery's 2400 mah , have some 3400 mah Panasonics on there way long run time :biggrin:

so those battery's had been charged week or so ago and reading 13 volts :biggrin:

so I just pop the battery's out and charge them in my charger when I want to charge them.

so if you have a dremel or similar.

can pick up some Japanese 18650's with 3400 mah 4 for under 20 $ and a usb charger for under 10 $ charge 2 batterys at time they charge quick and a 3 pack battery holder 3$ so you know around 30 $ got a kick butt pack that doesn't look like the fancy ones but works just as good or better and will fit my M6 as well.

whole thing took 2hrs ish.

I cant run AA rechargeables as they don't get the volts and I am not buying alkalines cost to much here.

photos below any questions happy to answer if I can.

oh and sorry I didn't take a photo of the pack before I started grinding but open yours you will see what it looks like.

now I just have to work out how to use the detector :lmfao:

ps its like 1.30 am so excuse the product placement I am trying to quit :biggrin:

next project is the MX5 going to be a little bit more fun but think it can be done.


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Re: DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: va3ser
Date: February 08, 2017 01:38PM
How long do these batteries run? Longer hours? How long does it take to charge them up?

Re: DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: airscapes
Date: February 08, 2017 07:08PM
Just an FYI, DFX runs exactly the same down to 8.5 volts so the Hi PowerEX 2700s AAs last a Very Very long time.. But, nice job on the retrofit just the same!

Doug White's DFX, 950,U13, 6x10 & 4x6 coils | CoinMaster GT, 4x6 Shooter Coil, NEL Hunter coil, TRX Pin Pointer and DIY Wireless FM Transmitter and Etymotic Research ER-6i in-ear phones

Re: DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: Spero
Date: February 08, 2017 10:12PM
Someone on @#$%& is selling 18650 battery holders for $24 that are made with a 3d printer for dfx's and other brand detectors. $5 shipping. These are being sold, I think from Bolgeria and he does have pictures. The batteries are used in flashlights and vaping mods.Someone posted them in another dfx forum. They They are orange in color and hold three 18650 batteries, you can go to a vaping site or store and buy these batteries. Only thing, with these batteries, you would have to marry three batteries and use them exclusively as a group. We mark them for vaping and rotate them in different positions as we use them after charging.

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Re: DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: wingryder
Date: March 19, 2017 10:38AM
I did this and works great. Note.. you do not have to dremel out all the lines of "bumps" in the bottom of the case. Only the middle two. Plenty of room for the battery case you are adding between the two remaining lines of "bumps".

My dremel has problems so careful use of some sharp hand tools did it with a bit more work. I bought two battery cases for about 6.00 off the bay and already had the 3.7 batteries. Simple and cheap

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Re: DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: pinpointer999
Date: June 27, 2017 04:26PM
I got 2 of these orange cases and bought the Tenergy 18650 3500maH batteries and a charger on amazon.
The set-up works great and I am at 30 hours with 12.4 volts showing on the DFX at start-up. I'm happy so far.

Re: DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: vleonard1844
Date: September 27, 2017 10:17PM
Do you have the supplier info for these packs? I would like to get (2) for my DFX.

Re: DFX Battery Mod
Posted by: Spero
Date: September 30, 2017 09:34AM
If your talking about the 18650 battery cases for the dfx, their sold on @#$%& under dfx metal detector accessories. I just checked and there are none there right now, you'll have to keep checking till they are re listed. Someone in Bulgaria has a 3D printed and makes these. They are a Orange case, I think they were about $25 and $5 shipping. The case holds 3 18650 rechargeable High Drain batteries, same as used in vape mods and flashlights.

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